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cloth diapers vs disposable?

Just wondering if any of you have tried cloth diapering with twins or if its just too much upkeep with laundry? 
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Re: cloth diapers vs disposable?

  • Hi! I didn't use cloth diapers but I considered it for about 5 minutes before deciding against it. I am sure there are people who have used cloth diapers and been fine, but I am glad we didn't. I was doing 2 loads of laundry per day when they were born and that was just the burp cloths, bibs, swaddled blankets, etc. (I'm pretty sure my kiddos spit-up more than most!) But, I'm sure you can manage if it's what you want! We spend a fortune on diapers and I can't wait to get them potty trained! 
  • I only clothed diapered for a few months.  It really does save money but the laundry is what drove me nuts.

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  • kde4kde4 member
    We do disposable diapers. Most of my twin mom friends also do disposables, but I know one who hasn't had too much trouble with cloth diapers.

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  • I can't imagine handling cloth diapers with two older kids as well. If you want to go for it more power to you - I'm sure you can! For what it's worth, we won't be spending a dime on diapers for at least 6 months or more. We had 2 diaper showers and our friends and family were so generous! I do feel bad about the landfill impact tho :(
  • sdg089sdg089 member
    I cloth diaper my twins. I don't think the laundry is that bad and I hate laundry lol. (Although I mostly hate actually putting the clothes away...there's never enough room!) I love using cloth and the prints are so cute. It gets addicting, though!
  • I cannot imagine using cloth diapers with 2. Right now, I have to do their laundry twice a week to keep up with it all.
    The way I buy diapers is I only but them at Target when they have great deals. The best deal is when they have a "buy 2 diapers get $10 gift card" along with a "spend  $100 in baby items and get a $25 gift card".
    It stinks putting that much money out there at one time, but it saves us money and cuts down on how often I buy the diapers. They're 7 months now and go through 6 or 7 diapers a day, if that helps your decision. 
  • I thought about cloth diapering but decided it wasn't worth the hassle with twins. Scraping two sets of poop, even more laundry, more leaks possibly, and just dealing with the cleaning in general. You could get a diaper service that just does the laundry for you but they're usually more expensive than just buying disposables. I know people that have done it, but usually only at home (trying to fit extra inserts into a diaper bag? nah). We don't spend a lot on diapers, you can get them at Costco, or they're always on sale somewhere. 
  • I do cloth with my girls and I love them! The biggest deciding factor was cost, but I honestly love them much more than disposables. And I do appreciate that I'm helping the earth a bit.

    The only time we get leaky diapers is when we have a miscommunication about when they were last changed. As long as you get a proper fit and absorbency, I think they actually leak less than disposables. With proper stuffing, our girls' overnights go 12+ hours with no leaks.

    As for blowouts, we've had a grand total of TWO in seven months. We got a sprayer attachment for the toilet (and a splatter shield), so it takes about a minute to clean off a poopy diaper. Then it just gets put in the regular diaper pail (lined with a washable liner) and it's done. We wash every other day and it's easy. The only thing that takes a little time is stuffing them, but we just do it while watching tv in the evening and then they are all good to go.

    If you're considering it, don't be scared! It can seem daunting, but you'll find a rhythm and it won't feel like any extra hassle.
  • I just started cloth diapering my triplets. It's not bad really. I run the diapers after they go to bed, hang dry the shell and dry the inserts. In the morning I stuff the shells and we are ready for the day.
    I don't like how bulky CDs are between the legs and how some clothes don't fit well because of the padding. If I had not already purchased CDs, I wouldn't use, but I feel as if I should get at least my money's worth!
    i know several triplet moms that exclusively CD, it's really not tough.

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  • I CDed my now 3yr old, and it was easy to go right into CDing the twins. The hardest part was getting my toddler to potty train so that we don't have 3 in diapers at the same time.  I have an amazing friend that loaned me her newborn cloth diapers so at least I didn't have to buy those, and I doubled my pocket diaper stash by buying cloth diapers from another local twin mom who had just potty trained her toddler twins.  
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