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Toddler Bed

Has anyone had their LO transition to a toddler bed yet? Mine started climbing out of the crib, so I think she is ready. My real question is---how do I baby proof her room in case she gets into things while we are asleep? Her room has always been her play room and sleep room. Do I need to take all her play things to another location and make her room sleep only? She has a fish tank, a humidifier, a baby monitor, and a white noise audio machine. I'm worried about her getting ahold of cords or pulling on shelves. I have the cords hidden the best I can but she could still get to them if she wanted to. The tall shelves are mounted but if she were to climb, all her books could fall on top of her. Am I being a total worry wart and over-thinking this? Should j just leave things alone and reinforce staying in her bed? Or should I completely rearrange my house for this? Help!
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