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Swollen feet!

Well this happened! Lol I was at the pool, looked down, and freaked out! These babies are swollen tight! What's the best thing to do for this?

Re: Swollen feet!

  • Ouch!  I was always told to drink plenty of water and put my feet up to reduce/prevent swelling.  I'm assuming you're outdoors and it's hot so getting out of the heat may help too.  Good luck!
  • Drink a ton of water, rest, and elevate your feet. Compression socks are also good for swelling, too.
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  • bburbabburba member
    I'm having the same problem!! My OB said stay inside and keep your feet up as much as possible, especially when it's hot out. I have no time to keep my feet up but I've just been drinking extra water and trying not to look at them haha! Good luck!
  • Feet up, stay cool, drink water constantly all day long and you can try the apple cider vinegar bath on your feet. 
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