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Anti-Depressants TTC

I've been on anti-depressants for 6ish years for anxiety and depression. I've tried going off of them but struggled. My husband and I are at the early stages of starting a family (talking about it and not using contraceptives but not actively trying). My question is, when should I stop taking my meds?

Re: Anti-Depressants TTC

  • I was on the antidepressant Paxil when I found out I was pregnant. I quit cold turkey(bad mistake) but that one causes bad birth defects so I done what I thought was right. My Dr has gave me celexa to take and not yet have taken it. It is safe to take during pregnancy. I'd talk to your Dr and find out before you stop. For the simple fact my anxiety and depression has came back in full swing. I've tried fighting it on my own bit I believe it's time to start my meds cause its gotten worse instead of better. Good luck! 
  • Sorry this is kind of late @herekatiekatie, but I just stumbled into this board.  I started tapering off of Lexapro several months prior to TTC, with the plan to be completely off of them by the time we TTC.  My psychiatrist indicated that it's best to not take them when TTC/during pregnancy simply because you can't just quit them cold turkey, they must be tapered, so if you were to find out your were pregnant, you wouldn't be able to stop them instantly.  He indicated that if I did not do well and needed something, Prozac was the best option.  I've been off of anti-depressants for 2 years now - I was on them most of my adult life.   I think I'm doing well because I am finally in a stable and secure place in life now.  I never thought I would go off of them.  If you truly struggle without them then you need to consult your doctor on the safest option for you during TTC.  They would at least want you be on specific ones that are more commonly used during pregnancy.  And you could always try therapy to help you cope if you don't want to be on any meds.  Good luck!
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