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End of the morning nap?

Seems like ds is protesting his morning nap more and more lately..anyone else on the same boat? Fortunately he still goes down for his afternoon nap well *fingers crossed*
DS 8/13/15 
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Re: End of the morning nap?

  • LO's nap fluctuate daily, wont dont have him on a set sleep schedule other than going to bed around the same time each night. He usually takes a nap in the morning and 1 or 2 more in the afternoon but it isnt the same each day. or like this past weekend we were out with friends and their kids for the holiday so she skipped a nap.
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  • Our morning nap is s must. He usually is down for 2-2.5 hours. Our afternoon nap we skip quite often on the weekends when we are out and about. He actually sleeps better at night if we skip the afternoon nap, but he needs it at daycare because he gets to worn out. I am going to go as long as possible before we drop our afternoon nap!
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  • He takes his late morning nap consistently for me still without protest, afternoon nap is hit or miss though depending on how active he has been throughout the day. Always the same bedtime no matter what though!
  • We still have the morning nap, although her nap schedule is not as great as I would like it to be being that she is the third and has to roll with the punches with our busy life. She is up around 7:00 so she may hang on to that morning siesta for awhile.  
    My oldest was 22 mo before he let go of his AM nap, but he was an EARLY riser. My second son dropped his AM nap at a year old since he slept later. She seems in the middle of them so we will see what she does. 
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    I was wondering this just the other day. Except DS seems to want to drop his afternoon nap instead and extend his morning nap by about an hr, give or take. I work night shift so one longer nap is nicer for me to sleep, however I do miss that 2nd nap pick-me-up in the late afternoon. :/
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    Our little guy *usually* wakes at 7 and goes down for a nap at 11 for 1-1/2 to 2 hrs, that's the only nap he takes during the day now. He was originally taking 2 naps during the day but the morning nap kept getting later and he would fight the afternoon nap and not seem tired. Now he is tired by 630 and ready for bed at 7 and *usually* sleeps until 4 or 5, has a bottle and back to bed until 7.
  • His naps are becoming increasingly sporadic, they stay around the same time, but how long they last or IF he even takes them varies now.
  • Ours is starting to shorten her morning nap and buck her afternoon nap altogether. She's down from 2 hours to about 1.5 in the morning and from 2 hours to approximately 45 minutes in the afternoon. Not looking forward to the transition!
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