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3rd Trimester

Any tips on dealing with constipation?

I know it can be embarrassing to talk about or bring up, but I just can't handle it anymore! It is like trying to climb mount everest except I'm in my own bathroom! I have tried all the natural remedies - eat a more balanced diet with more fiber, drink a lot more water, apple juice, even nasty old prune juice - and nothing seems to help at all. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and other than my acid reflux which my OB gave me medicine for already, this is the absolute worst part of it. I will sit on the toilet for an hour and not have any luck at all! 

Does anyone else deal with this? And if so, what have you done to make it better? My OB said that laxatives can cause contractions in some cases so if I can I want to steer clear of them unless it's my only option or unless there is a laxative that is safe... I'm ready to have my baby but not this early!

Re: Any tips on dealing with constipation?

  • I think this would have been covered on your BMB. 

    Try a stool softener.
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    Second the stool softener. Last resort for me is a suppository  :s but it works!
  • I began to eat a lot of cantaloupe and prunes. Like snack on them all day long forever. I knew I'd grow sick of them, but it worked. 
  • I drink 4-6 oz of prune juice everyday and it seems to help
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  • Metamucil. Lots of water.

    Also plentry of fresh fruits and veggies. 
  • Stool softener, lots of water, and fiber

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  • Cucumbers every night before bed. Works like a charm and makes me go the very next morning. 
  • My go-to cure is a cup of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts.  Iced or hot, doesn't matter.  But it always works.
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  • I was very constipated weeks 35-37.  What worked for me: time (my issue seems to have resolved itself in week 38), tons of water, apple sauce, WARMED apple juice (I read somewhere that have it be warm makes it more effective), avoiding dairy when possible and lots of walking.  A good walk, followed by warmed apple juice or coffee was the most helpful combination.
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  • Try Natural Calm Raspberry Magnesium. It's all natural and tastes way better than metamucil and restores magnesium levels which 90% of the population is deficient in.
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  • I found activia yogurt to be a cure-all for constipation. Doesn't matter if it's Greek or regular. Once a day and you're good. 
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  • I have been regularly snacking on Tums and started having horrible constipation a few weeks ago. What helped me was to change positions while attempting to have a BM (I know this sounds nuts); if things felt stuck I would get up occasionally and stretch or try to touch my toes. Something about the movement helped get things moving for me. Good luck! It's miserable.

  • Well, considering how far along you are in your pregnancy, it could just be baby squishing your intestines and keeping the poo trapped, which is hard to remedy. That being said, here are some tips in the event that isn't the case for you:
    Switch prenatals to one that is either low in iron, or omits it completely if you aren't iron deficient and have a medical reason to supplement iron.
    Watch out for dairy, and things like tums with tons of calcium.
    Eat fresh fruit and veggies and high-fiber nuts like pistachios regularly. Snack on them all with and in between meals. 
    Lay off starch and bread. 
    Eat smaller servings of meat.
    Avoid soda pop. 
    Stool softeners are a joke for the most part- I was given the OK by my OB for milk of magnesia if necessary.
    While pooping-elevate your knees above your hips with a stool. Look up a squatty-potty commercial- I swear, it works and you'll never poop the "old way" again.
    Hope something on this list helps you! :) Good luck!
  • Squatty potty for the win. It will come in handy pp too. I wish I would have gotten mine before I had my little one. 

    SP, colace, tons of water, lots of whole dairy if you're lactose intolerant like I am, and lots of walking

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  • Target makes a gummy vitamin that is "prenatal fiber+calcium" that I took.  it worked.  It does not replace your normal prenatal vitamin, it is just additional fiber and calcium.
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  • 500mg of magnesium a day is what got me back on track. I used to not go for weeks at a time, and now I go every day. Get Dr ok of course.
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