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good nursing bathing suit?

Anyone have a suggestion for a good nursing bathing suit top? I am wearing just a normal halter tie top from target but I feel like every time  I move it to the side to nursing it loosens the straps and then I have to retie it.  Plus it doesn't feel like there's enough support to begin with or coverage.  Luckily whenever I've been swimming its been on our private pond but I would really appreciate suggestions of a good one. 

Re: good nursing bathing suit?

  • I wore a one piece with standard type straps that wasn't too tight to just pull down on one side. Worked pretty well for me. 
  • Halter style is the easiest for me, so no other suggestions really. My boobs are pretty small though. I think having to re-tie the straps is just something you're going to have to do. 
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  • I've used a halter top but with thick wide straps. The thin stringy straps just don't hold up too well or I have to tighten them and it digs into my skin. 

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