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Is LO walking yet?

Mine will be 1-year-old on the 29th and although he'll stand sometimes, we're not too close to steps yet unless he is holding onto something . How are you guys doing so far?

Re: Is LO walking yet?

  • We do well holding on the the furniture or someone's hands, but he is too scared to try to balance on his own  (we've got the leg motion down). I think it'll be within a month which will put us right at a year old (8/4)
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  • She's got a good 3 to 5 steps completely independent before she sits down.
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    DD took her first unassisted steps at 8mo old! Now at ten she's practically running. 

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  • Walks around the furniture and uses a push toy.  Has stood twice without holding on to something for a couple seconds but no independent steps 
  • No walking yet but he pulls himself up onto everything and walks along surfaces and reaches out to others but no independent steps
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  • He constantly pulls up or will walk along the couch or push toy. He has also stood a couple different times but no independent steps either but he is oh so close.
  • He runs along in his walker, and will stand and walk along if he has a hand hold. Nothing on his own yet.

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  • Last week he started taking a few steps then falling.  This week he is practically running everywhere.  
  • H took her first steps unassisted at 9 months and a month later at 10 months was a full fledged walker. It's been two weeks so far and already I'm worn out. She climbs everywhere and is fast! My boys didn't walk full time until 13 & 14 months so this was a little unexpected.
  • DD was walking under year one as well, so I had that stuck in my as the norm, alas, I have been schooled :)
    I am in no rush, he's wild enough just crawling. He already stands and climbs, so adding walking to the mix will surely just make it worse haha
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