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Almost 4 YO, pooping issue

Hey there everyone! 

I have 2 boys 1 is almost 4, and the other is almost 1.  The almost 4 YO has been having issues with pooping in the potty. He is usually good while we are out, traveling,  etc.  However if we are home he has issues.  He was good for a while and down to 1 accident every couple of days off and on for the past year.  

A lot has happened in the past year.  DS1 obviously has added a sibling  (which he loves a lot!).  However another issue is that my mom has been in and out of the hospital.  She has many health issues, and is currently looking into a heart and lung transplant.   So needless to say it's serious. DS1 is very empathetic  (I am as well), and he knows something is wrong  (which I have talked to him about), and therefore I have been not home for 4 to 5 hours chunks  of time.  Now my mom is getting testing to see if she can be a recipient for a heart and lungs (which the site for testing is an hour and a half each way).  If she is approved, she will be at this location until she receives the organs.  If not, this is her last option. :'(

So anyways, I'm pretty sure it's a regression based on this.  Is there any way I can prevent him from having poop accidents 3-5 times in a day? Some days he will be clean all day, however the majority of the time he will have an accident 1-3 times a day, and I know he can do it (he has before).  We have tried many things:

-Reward systems
-Removal of toys
-Removal of big boy rewards (video game time with me)
-Sitting him on the toilet for an extended amount of time after he has had an accident
-Reviewing what the proper choice is
-Prompting him
-Asking him what the difference is between a baby and a boy 

Any other ideas? 

Sorry this became a novel!

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