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Pregnancy after miscarriage - high anxiety

I am experiencing so much anxiety. I had a missed miscarriage in February of this year, I  found out at 11.5 weeks at my first ultrasound that we were having twins and that they had stopped developing at 9.5 weeks. I'm just over 9 weeks with my rainbow baby and my first ultrasound is tomorrow night. I am such a mess and had a giant panic attack last night. I couldn't even go in to work today. I'm so scared that we will get bad news tomorrow. I haven't had any symptoms to indicate that something is wrong but I didn't have any last time either. Has anyone else gone through this and does it get better?

Re: Pregnancy after miscarriage - high anxiety

  • Breathe.

    I think most of us have gone through and are going through similar.  It doesn't go away.  But it does get better.  I tried to remember "everything is perfect right now".  Which it is!  MCs happen.  But so do rainbow babies!  Right now, there is no reason to think anything is wrong with your little rainbow.  Try (I know it's hard) to embrace that thought or you'll make yourself a mess and that isn't good for baby.  Every ultrasound I nearly panic before and so all I can to keep breathing even though I'm NEVER truly calm unless I'm listening to that little heartbeat thumping away. I'm 26w3d today.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for your reply Anna. And congratulations!
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  • Yes. So much yes. I had a roaring panic attack when I found I was pregnant again. It was so bad I was hyperventilating and I almost went to the ER because all I felt was pure terror. I don't have any advice because I am still dealing with it. I just wanted you to know that you're not alone. I just try to tell myself that freaking out won't change the outcome. FX you get good news. 
  • Totally normal. I still freak out before every appt. but it decreases the further along you are. I was actually excited for the first time at my last one, I am almost 19 weeks. Hang in there mamma, FX for a sticky bean and uneventful pg!
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