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Overall cranky baby

My DD is 16 weeks old now. She's always been very cranky. And recently she has been especially cranky. It does not matter what we do she fusses and then crys the whole time! It is driving me mad! I am a stay at home mom but I have other things to do such a cleaning, cooking, and caring for our pup. She hates the swing. As soon as I out her in it it is instant crying. Even with the mobile going and swinging and the music (I have tried a combo of just 1 to all 3 things). It's the same with the activity mat and rock'n play.
I literally have to looking at her and talking to her every second she's awake and even then she sometimes still crys.
I've also tried just laying her down in her room to play quietly in case of over stimulation.  I have spoke with her pediatrician several times to which she has diagnosed colic and reflux but even with medicine (for reflux) she is still so cranky! 
Has anyone else had a very cranky baby in general? And what have you done to help? What toys and items do your babies enjoy? 

Re: Overall cranky baby

  • Have you tried baby wearing? My first born had colic and reflux and nothing we did helped. He outgrew it at 4 months and then was a happy easy baby. Sorry I don't have any other ideas hopefully she outgrows it soon. 
  • I'd recommend baby wearing as well. Some babies just need more physical contact. It keeps her close to you and your hands a lot more free. You're able to talk to her and get some stuff done. It would also help her reflux by keeping her upright.

    You may want to talk to the pediatrician again or a pediatric GI for her reflux. Reflux could seriously put them in a bad mood. My LO has reflux and recently needed his doseage increased. It's made a world of a difference for him. I wear him so he's not really fussy but when his stomach acid came up he'd get really upset and scared. His first doseage controlled so he wasn't spitting up but he still had it. Some things to look for is a stuffy or congested sounding nose, milk white nose boogies, coughing, fussy eating(refusing to eat, only eating small amounts, pulling/arching back away from bottle/breast), pulling up her legs to her tummy when she cries (indicates tummy discomfort). 

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    I do LOVE to wear her. We started at 3 weeks however lately she has NOT been having it. She screams bloody murder until I take her out. 
    They just finally 3 weeks ago prescribed her the medicine but maybe she does need it increased. 
    I'm just at a loss and spend every day willing for DH to get off work early so he can take her and give me a break. 
    I seriously hoping she outgrows this VERY soon.
  • What medicine does she take for the reflux? My LO started off on Zantac but it did nothing for her. We then started Prilosec and that made all the difference. I stopped giving it to her at 3 months and she hasn't had a problem since. Also I do thicken her bottles with gelmix. Look it up, it's for babies, pricey but worth it. 
  • No suggestions, but from what I've read a cranky baby doesn't always mean a cranky toddler. Hang in there and remember she's going to grow out of it!
  • How are her naps?  When dd doesn't get at least 1 or 2 good naps in each day she becomes a fussy mess and I have to either be nursing or holding/walking/bouncing her.  Also for the reflux, I saw a huge improvement in ds2 when we started solids. It seemed to help the reflux and in turn his mood and weight gain.
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    She does take 2-3 naps a day ranging from 30minutes to an hour and a half. But it doesn't seem to matter how long her naps are. Still crank butt. Haha. 
    At the recommendation of her pedi we have started spooning her cereal in hopes that since it is heavier than formula (my milk dried up at 8 weeks.) 
    Since starting the cereal we've noticed she's much happier. Still cranky but not near as cranky as before. She will be 4 months old on the 11th and her pedi insists most babies outgrow the colic/reflux around this time. So I am praying we're hitting this milestone. 
    Thank you all for your advice and suggestions! 

    *edit because all my text didn't show up the first time. What?
  • Yes, I have a baby very similar to yours. He's been fussy since day 1 and was diagnosed with reflux. We finally got the dose right, which helped with some of his fussiness. He also hated being worn and couldn't play or be left on his own for periods of time. I think part of the issue is he was very sensitive to being overtired. I had to make sure I was not letting him stay awake for over 1.5 hours. He still has his fussy moments, but has done better on a strict sleep schedule. It's tight because I am a SAHM too and also have a toddler. Some
    days I feel like I am going insane and just wish he would outgrow the fussiness. I know one day he will...but until then I'm just trying to take it one day at a time.
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