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Food in mouth

My girly likes to keep food in her mouth. Yesterday, an hour after supper I thought she found something non-edible on the floor. When I checked her mouth, it was just an olive from supper. We usually try giving her her drink to wash it down, but doesn't always work. Anyone else have a dork child like us? lol.

Re: Food in mouth

  • I don't have that problem but she will find every little speck of stuff on the carpet and try to eat it. She loves to pick at the carpet and pull the loose fibers out and chew on them. I probably have to get after her at least ten times a day to not eat the carpet. At least yours is eating food.
  • My LO is constantly trying to eat inedible stuff! I have to be pretty vigilant in making sure he doesn't eat all the stuff he finds on the ground. But he is starting to understand language a little more every day. Just today, I said, "What's in your mouth?! What are you eating?" And his eyes got wide and he pulled the woodchip out of his mouth and held it in his little hand out to me. I think my tone must have scared him, especially after yesterday...Just yesterday on the 4th of July, he starting choking, actually not-breathing choking. I noticed immediately and ran up to him, and then my husband saw what was going on from my panic and ran up behind him and gave him a good wail on his back. A giant chunk of hamburger came flying out. He started crying and a little more came up after that. He gets so excited to eat that sometimes he is putting food in his mouth before he's actually finished whatever was last in there. We never let him eat unattended for that very reason. Just constant vigilance, I guess.
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    @Cullensies OMG I would freak. Our little girl isn't that bad, but we try to keep the house clean and she doesn't like walking in the grass that much. She has had a few gags on bananas this week. Thankfully with her feeding herself she hasn't choked bad enough to loose breath. I am sooooooo glad your baby boy is alright. It's a great thing that you noticed right away.
  • My little boy does this! I'll find green beans in his mouth that's he's just chewing on like an hour after dinner until I fish it out of his mouth. He also puts everything he can in his mouth and just chew it. I've found sticks and gravel pebbles (this happened under dh's supervision not mine) leaves grass everything he can get hands on. I'm hoping this phase is almost over cause it's gross. 
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