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1st Trimester

Lopsided belly at 9w4d?!

I remember waking up like this with my first pregnancy but it definitely wasn't this early. Just wondering if anyone else is waking up with baby on one side at around 9-10 weeks!


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    At 9 or 10 weeks I am thinking the baby is still behind/below the pubic bone. I think it's only about 1 inch at 9 weeks. I haven't been able to detect the baby at anywhere close to 9 weeks even on my 4th pregnancy, even when I was much smaller.

    Later on my daughter loved my right side. 

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  • That's what I thought too (that the baby was still behind the public bone) but I don't knkw why else I would be so lopsided. And it was hard as a rock. So strange. 
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  • Your uterus doesn't come above the pelvic bone until about 12 weeks. Plus as pp said the baby is only about an inch big. 
  • Gas. Constipation. Etc. 
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  • Wow! Has your due date been confirmed by ultrasound? This also happened to me, but not until I was around 14 or 15 weeks. My first thought was that you were either farther along, or there are twins in there.
  • Yes I've had numerous ultrasounds because of a previous miscarriage and all of them have confirmed due date. And so far we've only seen 1 baby! Haha. Yes, with my first pregnancy it was also about 14-15 weeks that I experienced this. Everyone saying that it isn't the baby is making me a little nervous that maybe something is wrong with my uterus. Lol
  • That is insane!! I feel like you should show this picture to your dr! I have no idea what it could be but it doesn't seem possible that it could be baby or gas. 

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  • It's probably caused by bloating or something of the sort.  Perhaps you have a slightly off-center stomach or your ab muscles are weaker on one side.  Could be anything.  You might mention it at your next appointment so they can see if there's anything unusual.
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