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PreTerm Labor?

Okay, please don't kill me, I hate people like this, and typically roll my eyes....I just really don't want to go sit in the hospital and have all those uncomfortable yucky tests done.

We are 31 weeks with #2 for DH & me.  I went to L&D about 2 weeks ago with regular, painful, contractions.  They ended up diagnosing me with irritable uterus (yes, it's a real thing).  They said those contractions are my baseline from here moving forward.

Today I start having serious cramping and lower back aches around 3:30.  Pretty irregular contractions...some hurt like hell, some I could just feel the tightening.  Which makes me thing they are BH and will go away.  It's now 10:00, still irregular and sometimes painful, but I'm not nauseas and getting sick from indigestion, along with loose stools.  I've had some discharge since contractions started, but nothing extreme.  I don't remember having BH with #1, so I'm just sort of confused on when I should be concerned now that I know what contractions feel like.  My gut says it's nothing and to move on, but I'm googling too much and now mind games are coming into play.

Can someone provide me some peace of mind?  I'm planning on calling OB in AM if contractions/pain/symptoms continue.

TIA and sorry for being THAT person.  :)
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Re: PreTerm Labor?

  • I had an irritable uterus. I had my son at 36wks- when I was in actual labor I just knew. It feels different

  • Sounds exactly like me. My doctor diagnosed me with irritable uterus a few weeks ago. I ended up in L&D a couple times because I would get contractions (tightening, period like cramps, and back ache). They would sometimes happen once an hour...not happen for hours, then I would have like 4-5 in an hour. And they were a quite painful. After the second time being monitored at L&D, doctor had me get 2 steroid shots in case baby decides to come early, and she put me on a medication I take every 5-6 hours to help control them. The med is a generic of Procardia. It REALLY helps. But it doesn't completely get rid of them. They still happen, just not often enough to open the cervix. Doctor wants me to stay on the meds until 36 weeks (I am 33 weeks tomorrow). Then hopefully things will happen naturally. I also have to go in weekly for the doc to check my cervix. Still closed and high which is great. But the contractions are still scary. Since I get them every 4-5 hours, I'll wake up at night with a lot of pain.

    She said there is nothing lifestyle like that can keep them from coming. Some people just have irritable uterus. I notice if I haven't drank a lot of water, or on the flip side, when I have a full bladder and pee I always get a contraction, which apparently is pretty common.

    I am also on modified bed rest. I can still get out and do some things occasionally, but no major shopping or cleaning. She wants me to rest as much as I can.

    Good luck! Maybe ask about the meds to control the contractions. They have helped a TON!
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  • Personally,  I would not wait. Since your CTX have changed from your typical basline, I would call.
  • I was put on complete bedrest and disability at 29 weeks for the same reason. I had to take nifedipine every 6 hours to minimize contractions. Didn't always help tho. I did NSTs twice a week, a few Ffns and still ended up in L&D twice! Got the steroid shots too just in case. Stopped taking the meds at 37 weeks. I thought for sure I would go into labor soon after...nope! Contractions actually decreased and I made it to my scheduled c section at 39+2. 
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