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Need Encouragement For Your VBAC **Look Here**

Hello everyone!

I'm hoping for a another VBAC in September (my due date).  I had my first VBAC in May 2014 and I loved the recovery compared to my c-section.   Even though I've had a VBAC before I'm still nervous I won't be able to have another one.  Well, I created a series on my blog for women who are hoping to have a VBAC.  Women from around the world have written in and gave me permission to post their VBAC success stories.  If you are interested in reading you can read here  I really hope it helps encourage you if you are having doubts about having a VBAC.  If you have a VBAC story you would like to share please send and email to [email protected]  Thank you!  
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