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Not sure if I belong here, but here's an intro! *TW Previous Child!*

Hey there! Not sure if this is the place I belong right now, but on the off-chance it is I figured I would drop an intro! 

I was active on TB under a different username when I was pregnant with my son, before the big exodus a year and a half or so ago? But since then just lurking around. 

I'm 28, SO is 27. We've been together a couple years and have a 17 month old son. The other night when talking about having more kids eventually, he told me he was thinking we would start trying in Jan 2017. I definitely wasn't expecting that, but now I've been thinking more and getting a little bit more excited!

Before we officially start to TTC, I want to get our finances in a bit better order and we would need do some work on the house to fit another person, but I'm pretty jazzed about the idea of expanding our family. 

Hope to get to know the community a bit better and find some people in similar situations! 
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