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Let's talk pumping and let downs ....

So... I'm a second time mum first time breastfeeder/milk machine... first of all I'd like to say ... I'm loving it ! Have learned so much about it...  Secondly... throughout my obsessive compulsion to research breastfeeding and pumping... I have noticed alot of women are getting confused with the amount of conflicting answers to their questions.... - what is a let down? - how to get one?- how is best to pump?- how much should u pump? -and when? How can I increase supply? Or any other question u cam think of ..... please don't hesitate to ask and hopefully I can make this alot easier for alot of mums xxxxx 

Re: Let's talk pumping and let downs ....

  • swimflipperswimflipper member
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  • Is there a wrong way to pump? I just have been...pumping. Lol. And I know what a let down is but I didn't realize there was a way to get one? Mine just happens, and sometimes randomly!
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  • Are you asking for or offering advice

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  • maxmcjmaxmcj member
    Hi guys I am actually offering advise for people that want it. . I am amazed with the amount of things I have learnt since starting breastfeeding  .... I have developed an expressing technique that I think would be benificial to alot of mums as it's really simple...I have tried pumps and I don't like them... human skins reacts better to human skin its just the way it is... just use your hands.... prepare two stelilised bottles and go and sit on the couch and watch TV. ...open both bottles and put them close so you can grab quickly when you have a let down.... get your knockers out and just gently rub and twist your nipples ... relax and just concentrate on your program... within about 3 mins you will get your first let down... hold the bottles to your nipples to catch the milk.... after milk has stopped free flowing you can compress towards your chest and express as normal until you feel as if your not getting any more out.. mas sage where u can feel firm milk inside until breast feels pretry flattened. repeat the process as many times as you want.... initially with fist let down you should get 1 -2 oz per breast maybe more... each let down after your looking at about half oz each time.... after you have pumped about 4-5 oz put bottle lids on and wait half an hour before starting again.... should take about 10-15 mins to get the 5 oz... u can do more if your want. Bottles should be put into fridge or transfered into freezer bags within 6 hours of starting xxx hopefully this helps... xx 
  • maxmcjmaxmcj member
    Oh I understand that I'm just saying it's a really useful and efficient way ... alot of the mums at baby group have benefited from the technique. . So I thought it might be useful for some mums on here xxx
  • Hand expressing has its place, but the vast majority of us who need to pump regularly prefer to do so with an efficient pump and hands-free bra. I know I don't have time to sit in my office squeezing my breasts to get the 16oz DS2 needs each day when a pump can extract 8-11oz in 20 minutes while I sit at my computer and get work done.
  • @jess9802 I am completely with you! I have to squeeze my boobs so hard every time to extract milk out, or else I get maybe 2-3 oz in 20-25 mins (rather than 3-5 oz). I can't really do that for every pump but pumping something is better than nothing. 
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