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Sleep Help!

My baby girl has always been a good sleeper. Lately she always fusses when she goes into the crib. She could be asleep and will wake right up and start crying. It's a little better at night but during the day she will not go down. Any tips?

Re: Sleep Help!

  • How long is she asleep before she wakes up and cries?  Before my LO was sleep trained, he used to do the same thing at the 20-25 minute mark.  There are a lot of things that might be causing the wakings, could you give us a little more info on her sleep habits so we can try to rule a few things out?  Also, when she starts to cry what do you do?  Do you let her fuss a little or do you go in right away and get her up?  Do you think she has any sleep associations like being rocked or nursed to sleep, or using a pacifier?  
  • For example today we went on a long walk and played at the park. When we got home I was giving her a bottle and she fell asleep. I held her for about 10 minutes after she was done then layed her in the crib and she woke up instantly. I shhhh her rub her belly and leave.

    yesterday we did the same routine and she cried for 40 minutes. I went in occasionally, rubbed her belly, shh her and then leave. She just wouldn't give it up. 

    Its not as bad at night. she sleeps thru the night but is fussy putting her down.  She will usually only fuss for 10-15 minutes at night. 

    I should mention that I am a teacher so she is home with me all day now so I'm not sure if it is just because we have a change in her routine (no daycare). At daycare she would usually take a 30-45 minute nap in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon. 

    Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated. 
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  • The change could definitely be playing a part, but I wonder if maybe she is overtired?  The fact that she fell asleep while drinking her bottle makes it seem like she was ready for her nap a little earlier.  We try to follow a 2-3-4 schedule with naps and it usually works pretty well for us.  This means 1st nap would be 2-2.5 hours after wakeup time, then the next nap would be 3-3.5 hours after she wakes from the first nap, and then bedtime 4-4.5 hours after she wakes from the last nap.  I try to be flexible and adjust if I notice sleepy cues (eye rubbing, eyes looking red, yawning) so that I can have my LO in the crib before he starts falling asleep. I also try to make sure I say the same things to him as a take him to his crib and lay him down so that he associates those phrases with nap time.  I usually say something like "let's go rest our eyes and take a little nap."  I wonder if the daycare had a certain routine they followed?

    I've noticed with my LO that if he falls asleep briefly while drinking a bottle or while we are in the car or anything like that, and then wakes, I can pretty much count on him not going down for a nap again for a few hours.  I think maybe the short nap ("crap nap" as I call it) refreshes him just enough that it's hard to fall asleep again, much like it is with me when I take a 20 minute power nap.  

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