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Miscarriage while on PIO

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Hi everyone, 
I have an interesting situation going on right now. I had a miscarriage two years ago, and couldn't get pregnant afterwards.
To sum it up quick- I am now pregnant 7w4days- but told I have a 50% chance of miscarriage. I was told I had to make it through two weeks and then we would know more. My two weeks is coming to an end Friday- no miscarriage yet.

My question is: has anyone miscarried while taking PIO? Like, actually bleed and miscarried while doing the shots every day. 

Reason I ask: I am scared that maybe my body isn't miscarrying because of the PIO. I have been spotting quite frequently, I have even had break through bleeding. Scared to death each time- flashbacks to my last miscarriage. But every u/s scan after, shows the baby still there and growing. 

I go tomorrow for another u/s hoping to see a heartbeat. But now I worry that maybe the baby stopped growing and my body is delaying the miscareiage due to progesteone injections. Is that possible? If I break through bleed, I wouldn't I bleed bleed If I miscarried right? 

I might sound crazy- but it's because I am going crazy of this. Don't want to get my hopes up so high and then be crushed tomm. 

Any comments or insight on this would be helpful! Thank you! 
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Natural cycles with 1 miscarriage
-3 IUI's w/ Clomid= BFN 
-IVF #1-Follistim and Menopur= BFN
***11 Eggs, 10 mature, 8 fertilized, transferred 1 (day 5) 2 made it to freeze
-FET #1- Transferred 2, day 5 embryos =BFN
-IVF #2- Follistim and Menopur = BFN
***11 retrieved, 8 mature, 6 fertilized, transferred 2 (day 3), 4 made it to freeze (Follistim and Menopur) = BFN
-FET #2- Transferred 2, day 3 embryos = BFN
**Changed doctor**
-IUI #4- natural cycle = BFN
-IUI #5- Follistim (5 eggs) BFP- lead to Miscarriage  :'(
-Laproscopic Surgery for Endometriosis, Polyp removal and Cyst removal. 
-IVF #3- Menopur, Follistim, Lupron, Ganirellex- BFP lead to Eptopic Pregnancy  :'(
***11 Eggs retrieved, 10 Mature, 8 fertilized, transferred 3 embryos (day 3), 0 made it to freeze
-Lapropscopic surgery- Removal of Fallopian Tube
-IVF #4- Estrogen Priming with Vivelle dot, Menopur, Follistim, Ganirellex- BFP  :)
***15 Eggs retreived, 11 mature, 11 fertilized, 2 embryos transferred (day 3), 2 made it to freeze
Found out I was positive for MTHFR Gene Mutation during TWW of IVF #4

Re: Miscarriage while on PIO

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    I have no experience with this but I wish you the best today.
    TW: Loss
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  • Sorry I had to look up PIO since I've never heard that acronym before. I was taking progesterone suppositories after I had a very bad beta at 6 weeks and low progesterone, but saw a strong heartbeat. I took it until 12 weeks per Dr's prescription and as soon as I stopped taking it, I felt a drop like I was going miscarry again, so I took it until my NT scan that turned into a CVS where it was determined my fetus had Triploidy.

    Long story short, it's believed that I probably would have miscarried naturally by week 7 or 8 if I hadn't taken the progesterone bc the heart stopped with the few days between my Cvs and scheduled D&C. 

    For this reason, if I get bad bloodwork again with my next pregnancy, I am not taking progesterone again. It took a month of my fertility and added much more pain to the process.
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  • Hi Colleen. In my case, the PIO shots did delay miscarriage...twice. My RE even told me that the reason I wasnt bleeding yet was because of the estrogen and PIO. However...I was starting to cramp before my D&C so I don't think the medications would have held off the inevitable forever. I have an unusual case though....my body may be rejecting the babies and I am currently undergoing testing for disorders. So don't think because this happened to me, it will happen to you too. 

    The fact that your baby is growing and on track is great. I know it is so very hard to not let the negative thoughts take over. I'll be keeping you in my prayers, that baby keeps growing.
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