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Food allergies

Have any of you started to encounter food allergies with your LO?  My daughter had a very slight reaction to cheese about 6 weeks ago (very faint red blotches around her lips).  She ate cheese again w/o incident since then.  But based on three pretty severe facial outbreaks in the last week, including one when she was sprayed, but didn't ingest, cow's milk from a friend's sippy cup, I now suspect she has a milk protein allergy.  Waiting to get in with a pediatric allergist but don't have an appointment until late August.  Her pediatrician is going to do a blood allergy panel next week when we go in for a re-check on an ear infection (another indicator she may have a milk allergy).  

If any of you are going down this road, or have been down this road with another child, any advice?  We are still BF, and I cut dairy and soy out of my diet the second I suspected a milk allergy, but it still takes some time for it to leave my system.  So far she has not had any issues after nursing.  

Also, if you have any dairy-free meal or snack ideas, I am all ears.  After 48 hours of checking labels I am in awe of all of the items that have milk in them.  It's insane!  

Thank you. 

Re: Food allergies

  • Were her outbreaks from eating cheese specifically? Have you tried a snack that has a milk product in it, but isn't a dairy product itself? My lo was sensitive to dairy products in my milk, but I could still eat other things with dairy in it and she was fine.

    For snacks right now we do crackers, puffs, pasta rings, mum mums. You can also offer steamed and cubed fruit. I know one mom on here was saying she buys the canned fruit that comes in single serving plastic containers to avoid BPA. Also sweet potato pieces that have been baked soft or diced carrots. 
  • Not specifically cheese - one was a waffle that has whey protein in it, another was Annie's mac & cheese (the kind that you add water & microwave) that also has whey in it.  We were scratching our heads because of the waffle outbreak, but once she came into contact with cow's milk and had the instant reaction, we checked the label, saw the whey, and put it together.  Again, we are going to an allergist so this is all just by my own research/gut feelings at this point.  

    I think we're doing pretty much all of those snack ideas - but now am checking labels obsessively because even things like some crackers have milk protein in them!  It's crazy.  

    Thanks for the ideas! 
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  • My LO had a reaction to zucchini back in April. The doctor said not to give it to her again until she's a year old. 
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  • We're been on nutramigen since he was 3 months old I believe because he couldn't do the milk protein either. He's also allergic to eggs and oats. Cherries also gave him a few splotches when I introduced them so I don't plan on trying them for awhile. His doctor did the blood panel and that showed up the oat and egg allergy and she sent us to the allergist. They did they prick test on his back and he did great, didn't even cry. He wants us to avoid straight dairy or straight eggs but he has started us on introducing things that have those ingredients but it has to be at lease the 3rd or 4th ingredient on the label, so it's not as strong of an ingredient. I tried with macaroni and cheese and spaghetti and he did great and. I will not be Introducing anything with oats though because he had a very very severe reaction to oatmeal lotion. The allergist doesn't want me introducing straight cows milk until he is 2-3 years old. Once he's 12 months and no longer needs formula, I will be introducing almond and coconut milk 
  • My DS3 had MSPI, and I nursed him until past his 2nd birthday.  He eventually grew out of it and is able to eat dairy and soy products.  You can continue nursing, or look into toddler elemental formulas like Neocate if you wean your LO.  

    I do have a few websites that have good recipes for allergy friendly foods/snacks/etc.:

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  • Thank you! I eliminated dairy & dairy protein from her diet, as well as my own, and so far so good.  We saw her pedi this morning, who did a blood panel and prescribed an epi pen just in case.  She's had 3 scary reactions and they have worsened each time.  

    We have a referral to a pedi allergist at the end of August, and my doctor advised me to cut back on my own dairy, but do not eliminate it entirely without talking to the allergist.  She said that since my daughter has never reacted to my milk, that over time it might help her create a tolerance to dairy if I continue to have a little bit of it. Of course, I'll confirm that with the allergist. Thank you for the link and ideas! I do plan on continuing to nurse.  
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