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Bumpers in Crib..

My little guy move A LOT when he sleeps. I'll put him to bed in the middle and through out  the night he rolls around from one side to the other. Since he moves around a lot he hits his head on the sides of the crib a lot. Usually at least once a night he hits it so hard he wakes up and cries. I feel terrible and like he's going to do damage hitting his head so much. 

He's 9 months old and I don't want him to keep hitting his head but I'm worried about putting bumpers in the bed. Does anyone use them? My worry is he likes to sleep against the side of the crib sometimes and I don't want him to not be able to breathe. Any suggestions? 

Re: Bumpers in Crib..

  • I use them, I'm not concerned about them. Noah moves around and prefers to sleep against the side of the crib too. If they're not there his feet/leg hang out and get stuck and he cries. He's strong enough to know if he can't breathe and he'll move
  • I have very cushioned mesh ones from bru and webe used them since 3.5 months because he would often have his arms stuck through the slats
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  • Same here as @chelseajeanene my boys love sleeping against the bumpers & also move away if they feel they have to.
  • We have the mesh ones because she was getting her legs jammed between the crib bars, but they wouldn't be enough cushion to protect little heads from bumps. 
  • We JUST got bumpers for the same reason. I literally just put them in last night. I figure she's old enough now to just move away if she needs to. 

    I think the concerns at this age are less about suffocation and more about airflow issues and the babies using the bumpers as a tool to escape the crib. 

    The bumpers we got are fairly short and cushiony. I think if she tried to step on it, it would collapse (she's not pulling up yet anyway). Short enough where I'm also not concerned about airflow. 
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  • we have been using bumpers the whole time ha Now, he actually loves mashing his little face/head up against them and sleeps the best that way (maybe he feels more snug?). We did have to lower the crib though because when he stands up he likes to stand on them to get higher up and he was getting too big to do that and not run the risk of climbing out.
  • Never used them but now that our LOs are older I wouldn't be worried about suffocating, I'd be worried about them stepping up on them and trying to climb out of the crib.
  • Thanks ladies. I looked at a mesh one today and it doesn't seem to give any protection against bumping his head. I'll have to look for a smaller cushiony one for him. 
  • My mesh ones are very cushy
  • They make the individual bumpers that zip over each bar. I have a friend that used them because she didn't feel comfortable with regular bumpers. I think they may be a little expensive. 
  • @Yiggle09 where did you get yours? What type are they? All the mesh ones I've seen won't protect him from bumping his head. They are all really thin and have no cushion :(

    I'll definitely look for individual bumpers though hopefully they won't be super expensive....
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