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Need advice/ tips for how to actually quit a job (in Washington state). Figured some of you stay at home moms would have done this before...

I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and have been on leave of absence for 4 months +. My expected return date (after 2 extension requests) is 5th of July. I have decided not to return as I have been much happier during leave and will likely relapse if i return, but don't know how to go about resigning. Should I schedule an in-person meeting with my manager? or can I send an email for resignation (if so, what do I have to say and what shouldn't I say?)? I found information online that companies can ask for the salary/ short term disability and insurance payment back, but that they typically don't. Can anyone share their experience?

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    I quit while on leave. I sent my manager an email thanking her for the opportunity to work for her, that I would not be returning from FMLA, and my last official date. I called her afterwards to give her a heads up, but I sent an email rather than scheduling a meeting because they need a resignation in writing anyway. Good luck!
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    I quit on leave too. Just try to contact manager and ask!
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    I've done this. Just go in person and let them know what's going on. Your health comes first. If it's a job where you can explain things over the phone (I had a super good relationship with my higher ups at my last job & and calling in was no big to them) do that.
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    Send an email
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