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How to quit

Need advice/ tips for how to actually quit a job (in Washington state).

I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and have been on leave of absence for 4 months +. My expected return date (after 2 extension requests) is 5th of July. I have decided not to return as I have been much happier during leave and will likely relapse if i return, but don't know how to go about resigning. Should I schedule an in-person meeting with my manager? or can I send an email for resignation (if so, what do I have to say and what shouldn't I say?)? I found information online that companies can ask for the salary/ short term disability and insurance payment back, but that they typically don't. Can anyone share their experience?

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  • RoxellRoxell member
    Call your boss immediately to let them know you decided not to return. Waiting unit you are supposed to return is kind of inconsiderate no matter how you let them know. So do it now rather than later.

    Sorry about the PPD. Good luck being a SAHM
  • I agree you should let your boss know ASAP via phone or in person (not an email).  Also, I would have my apologies ready and fully acknowledge that quitting at the last minute is not a good practice.   Good luck!


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  • MrsFL2015MrsFL2015 member
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    It's really up to you if you decide to call or meet in person; however, you shouldn't do it over email.  It's just not professional and seems like you're avoiding the issue instead of dealing with it.  I'm sure you want to be in good standing with your boss if you ever plan to return to the company.   I would also write up a letter of resignation.  This way the date of the meeting is documented and you have proof that you quit/left the position.
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