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Hi everyone,
I took a pregnancy test Saturday and it was a very faint positive, confirmed by 2 other tests. I was over the moon and even told DH that we were expecting baby #2. On Sunday I took another test and it was even fainter. Monday my fears were confirmed when several tests showed negative. My question is when should I expect to start bleeding? My period isn't due til Friday. Also, do I need to call my OB for any follow up? Thanks so much for your help.

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Re: CP question

  • fioripfiorip member
    Home pregnancy tests are qualitative not quantitative, they detect the presence of hcg after a certain amount but some are more sensitive than others. I'm not trying to give you false hope or anything like that but you should check with your doctor before assuming a CP solely based on a home test if you're not even bleeding or in pain, specially if you're period isn't even late yet, it would be way too early for home test to be accurate. Good luck!
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  • @fiorip thanks for your reply. I was using FRER each time, so I figured if it was positive Saturday it would show up today. I had another negative today. I would love to be pregnant but I'm afraid this isn't the month it's going to happen. Thank you so much for your input and I'm sorry anyone has to be on these boards!

    Married DH December 2014
    Expecting DS#1 November 2015
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    @ sweettooth126 I'm so sorry for your loss. I had the same thing...very faint pink line when I tested 2 days before I was supposed to (it was 2 days before the first day of my missed period). On the first day of my missed period (on the day I was actually supposed to test) a urine test showed a strongly line than the previous days. I had a beta blood test that confirmed pregnancy but hCG was very low and I was told would likely not be viable. Even though my hCG went up for a while, I started bleeding 3 days later. I'm happy to share anything that you'd like to know. Sending hugs your way!
  • Thanks so much. I'm so sorry this happened to you too. Still no period but tests keep showing negative. My doctor drew blood today so we will see what that shows. Thanks for your reply!

    Married DH December 2014
    Expecting DS#1 November 2015
  • @SweetTooth126
    Hey gal!  Just checking in.  What did the blood test show?  Are you doing ok?
  • @SweetTooth126 thinking of you. Please reach out if you need anything <3
  • thoughts being sent your way...
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