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Pushing & Pulling

Our son is NEVER still, he is constantly on the go.  So most of the time when holding him, he's over it and wants down two seconds later.  He pushes super hard onto my chest, it hurts!  He also pulls on my clothing and necklaces like crazy!  I feel like all my tops are getting stretched out from him twisting and turning while pulling on my clothes!

Second time moms...please tell me this is a phase they go through?  :smile:  This boy will not sit still and it's driving me bonkers!

When he pushes I sometimes hold his hand and say "Ouch, that hurts mommy!"... his reaction is a laugh.  Ugh!  :neutral:

Re: Pushing & Pulling

  • Following. My kid is the same way. I feel like my whole day consists of chasing him around trying to keep him out of stuff, even though we have multiple rooms that are set up just for him- he still finds something he shouldn't mess with:
  • Dd has started pushing off from me too, but she wants to be held all the time. So when she does, the first time I tell her to be gentle or she will be set down and the 2nd time I put her on the ground right in front of me. Sometimes she finds something to play with, but usually she gets mad and starts crying. 
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  • @missliz53, yeah he does the same thing.  He never really wants to be held anymore, but he'll pull on my legs to be picked up, I pick him up and then he pushes to be put back down, happens over and over again.  Doesn't want to be down on the ground, but doesn't want to be held...what do they want?!  ;)
  • My LO gets "mean hands" when he's overtired(all the time)! So, i just hold his hands and rock him for a minute. He settles right down because he loves touch and holding hands. But if I don't hold his hands he punches and scratches my neck, face, arms so hard I want to scream out in pain! 
  • My DS does a lot of hair pulling and scratching. I like to say "Be gentle" as I pull his hand away or untangle it from my hair. I repeat "gentle" each time he goes for my hair or face. I'm not sure it's making a huge difference, but it does seem to slow him down a little. Hopefully he'll start to associate it with his hands being removed from whatever he's doing and he'll start to remove them himself.

    A mom can dream.... lol
  • YESS!!! This sounds just like my daughter. She laughs at me when I say "Ow!". I try not to get frustrated with her but it's an all day thing. This is definitely a trying age!!!
  • I have a bruise from my lo one on my bicep. He's pushing pulling necklace hoping it syop
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