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Fussy eaters?

My little is 15 weeks old, I am EPing and she would normally drink anywhere from 28-36oz a day. I started EPing and giving her a bottle instead of nursing for lots of reasons but mainly to check she was eating enough after a few scary no weight gain weeks. Now suddenly I can only get her to take a full bottle at night and during the day she will be so distracted and interested on what is going on around that I am lucky if she even eats 2-3oz at a time.  I am wondering if going bck to nursing will help her concentrate more? Has anyone else experienced this around the 3-4 month mark? We are having a hot summer here and I would be expecting her to be eating lots more instead of less. 

Re: Fussy eaters?

  • I think when it's hotter they eat less. My 19 week old only eats about 25-26 ounces per day and is just under 13 lbs. she's a slow gainer. I would just have them weigh her just to make sure she's gaining. How many ounces would you say she's eating now? I've heard they should eat around 2-2.5 times their weight in ounces. 
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    She dropped down to averaging about 25oz a day but today surprised me and ate 32 - maybe you are right about the heat, I don't feel much like eating when it's so warm. These babies !! So much to learn ! 
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  • So With a fussy eater what I have learned is to dress them lightly or nothing but diaper. Get there hair wet before nursing always helps, also I get a cold wet washcloth and place it on her head to keep her nice and cold. Keep trying to feed even if its for a couple of min. I say as long as there getting in something its a good thing. Also keep track of wet and poopy diapers and as long as there having the right amount of wet and poopy, then there feeding enough. Young babies are hard to figure out but trust me it does get easier. Good luck!!!
  • Just to answer the part of your question about nursing, I exclusively nurse Evelyn (4mo) and she has become very easily distracted while nursing lately. Anyone talking causes her to pop off my boob and look around. So you could always try nursing again but my guess is that she would be equally distracted. 
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  • I've got a distracted eater and he seems to do better in a quiet room with no distractions (tv,radio, no people, no dog). As long as she's not pulling/arching away from the bottle, has a good amount of wet diapers, I wouldn't worry so much. 

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    Thanks ladies, I have noticed that a quiet room helps a little and feeding her at night when she is sleepy is also s good time to fill her up. We are getting a good amount of wet diapers, just very frustrating that she doesn't  just keep on task and eat! 
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    We are having this issue too. He gets really distracted while nursing and pulls on and off. Dark quiet room helps some, but if I give him longer between feeds and wait until he's hungrier, it seems to help. It's just confusing now knowing what point that is, lol.
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