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Middle Names for Theodore (Teddy)?

My DS is James Henry, our last name is 1 syllable and starts with an H.

I am trying to think of middle names for Theodore for baby #2. We would call him Teddy. 

My husband loves Carson, which is a family name on his side. I don't like it. 

Some of my ideas:
Theodore Hugh
Theodore Franklin

I need more ideas. Bonus points if they are Irish (Hubby is Irish) or start with the letter H. 


Re: Middle Names for Theodore (Teddy)?

  • Here are some ideas:

    Theodore Harrison
    Theodore Conor
    Theodore Finn
    Theodore Declan
    Theodore Patrick
    Theodore Brendan
    Theodore Michael
    Theodore William
  • Any other family names that could be used?

    Theodore Howard 
    Theodore Harold
    Theodore Aidan 
    Theodore Cian 
    Theodore Cillian 
    Theodore Colin
    Theodore Duane
    Theodore Quinn
    Theodore Heath
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  • Theodore Oliver
    Theodore Michael
    Theodore Camden
    Theodore William

  • Theodore Brady
    Theodore Cormac
    Theodore Eamon
    Theodore Flynn
    Theodore Grady
    Theodore Keegan
    Theodore Seamus

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  • Theodore John was the first that came to mind. I like Theodore Hugh, and pp suggestions of Theodore Michael and Theodore Flynn.
  • Theodore Michael
    Theodore Francis
    Theodore Ignatius
    Theodore George
    Theodore Gregory
    Theodore Bartholomew
    Theodore Jude
    Theodore Aidan
    Theodore Niall
    Theodore Malachy
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