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    @BAJDesigns OMG. Bump ate my huge post, I could cry lol. 

    I'm sorry your going through this. I remember with my last I was so sick I lost 15lb. My OB never told me that I had to gain a certain amount of weight by a specific date, but that could just be OB differences as we all want to see the weight go up! Barring being extremely underweight I'm not sure why they are pressuring you about it though? 

    And don't let your family make you feel bad for worrying about this, I remember when I was nearing that 15lb lost and it is super stressful! 
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  • @BAJDesigns i am so sorry you are still going through this. I don't think family, or spouses, really understand the stress and horrible-ness feeling unless they're experiencing it themselves. Just keep doing what you can and try your best to take care of yourself. The weight will start to go on--it will average out. 
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