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LO Refuses to nurse

This past weekend my LO has started refusing to nurse. I can sometimes trick him into it by putting his binky in his mouth, getting my milk flowing, then quickly removing binky and putting in nipple, but he'll still sometimes turn his head and start throwing a fit. If I give him a bottle, he's fine. 

Anyone else have experience like this? Any advice?

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Re: LO Refuses to nurse

  • smn14smn14
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    My LO has been refusing to feed this week, combo of injections and teething I think! Now tooth has come through she is feeding better. I read that at 4 months they can get too distracted to feed as their brain goes on overdrive. 
  • How many weeks is he? Around 17 weeks DS was behaving similarly. He would only nurse laying down in a quiet room and I couldn't read or look at my phone. He wanted full on attention, gazing, and head stroking. Suddenly maybe four days ago he was fine again. I suspect it's part of that 4th leap. 
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  • He's 19 weeks today. I was able to get him to nurse twice this morning. The first time he latched right on, but was kind of still asleep. The next time, he was fully awake and I had to do the binky trick to get him to latch. 

    I think it's a combination of getting used to drinking out of a bottle about half the time and wanting to look around. He'll even do it in a room with no lights other than a night light though. 

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  • hnullhnull
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    My daughter is 4 months old (today) but at 3 months old she went through a phase where she hated to nurse. It was horrible would cry, would only enjoy eating during middle of the night feedings but she also wouldn't take a bottle. I could trick her sometimes if she was sleepy. It last a week or two. I bet teething or just the change between bottle and nursing he def. has a lot more freedom to look around and such with bottle which is probably what he enjoys. 

    Now, my daughter has been eating every hour 1-5 hours the last two days (even at night
  • My Jacob has been difficult to nurse or take a bottle the past few days. He's just not real interested. When he does nurse it's only for a few minutes at a time unless he's sleepy then I let him nurse/sleep for a couple of let downs so I know he's eating plenty even if I gotta have him do it in his sleepiness. 
  • We are having the same problem today. Liam got shots yesterday and slept for the first time ALL NIGHT. When we got up he nursed as normal but then threw up ALOT.ended up back at Dr and apparently when we went to his apt yesterday they think he picked a tummy bug up.he hasn't been interested at all today no more than a few sips.I tried to give him Pedialyte in a bottle but he's never had a bottle and he couldn't figure it out.so I ended up syringe feeding him.hopefully we get back in our normal groove soon
  • Harrison is off his nursing strike! I'm not sure what the issue was but he allowed me to nurse him at dinner last night then twice in the MOTN and again this morning. 

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