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Lilia. Thoughts?

So we have a boy named set in stone, but the names we thought we loved before I got pregnant just don't feel right. Lilia does.

Her name would be Lilia Joanne. Pretty? Any other ways to spell Lilia or is this the most common? (I don't do weird spellings). I would probably call her Lily for short.

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Re: Lilia. Thoughts?

  • I think a lot of people might misread it as Lila, but it does sound really pretty. Liliya or Lilya are listed as legitimate spellings on behind the name.
  • love, love, LOVE Lilia.
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  • I think she might get called Lila or Lillian a lot. If that doesn't bother you then it's nice, although if you're planning to call her Lily anyway I'm wondering why you don't just go with that? Lily is lovely on its own.
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  • Love Lilia 
  • I see it getting confused for Lilly/Lillian/Laila and it's 15 variations alot, but if that doesn't bother you there isn't anything wrong with it. 
  • its ok but will get mispronounced

  • My first thought was that it was made up, however I guess I was wrong! I do agree that it may get mispronounced and confused with other variants. I'd probably play it safe and use Lillian or Lily, if it were me.

  • sagoonsagoon
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    It's very pretty.  If it feels right and you don't care about potential mispronunciation, go for it!

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  • Thanks everyone!
    i dislike Lily on its own and want something that ages better. Lilia does that for me. I'm 99% sure that will be her name. Thank you again!

    Me 26, Hubs 32
    Married 7.14.12
    DS 10.29.13
    BFP 06.20.16
    *It's a boy!*
    EDD 03.03.17
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  • I know a Lilia (spelled much differently - Slavic I think) and she's always been called Lilia. I think it's lovely!

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  • I Have always loved the name Lilia, however with my Finnish background would spell it Lilja.  
  • I know two Lilias. One is an older ex-coworker and one is a friend's daughter. Both spelled Lilia. I think it's a nice name. Lily is so incredibly popular that I'd stick to no nickname. 
  • It is okay but it is hard to say and may get mispronounced. I have a friend named Lilia and it took me a long time to figure out WTF her name is.

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  • I think it's very pretty.
  • It's pretty, not my style though.  It feels a little incomplete - I think that's why.  Especially if you would call her Lily, I would probably just name her that!
  • I think it's pretty. I like the spelling Lilia and it could be mispronounced by if they are really looking at the name it is spelled exactly as it's pronounced so I think it should be fine. 
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  • I know a Lilia (she is 10 now). She only occasionally goes by Lily, but her mom said she rarely gets called Lillian (she said that she thinks it has happened less than five times since she was born). 
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