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Overnight diapers question

when people say they add doublets etc for overnight use, does overnight mean like 7pm-7am? Or 11pm-7am kinda time?

currently adding a hemp insert between a flip organic night time prefold after his 11pm feed. But I'm wondering if I could do less to disturb his sleep if the diapers would hold up from the start of his night sleep at 7. 

Thanks all!

Re: Overnight diapers question

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    People often stop changing diapers between child's bedtime and morning wake up time when the child stops pooping during the night, or do a last change at a wake-up close to parent bedtime if the child poops early at night or is such a heavy wetter that the diaper wouldn't hold it for 12 hours. There are no hard rules about overnight changes - it's what allows for the most sleep for everyone.

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