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Gasping Noises

My LO has been making some funny noises lately and I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. 
It's a sort of wheezing/gasping noise. Sometimes when eating/drinking, sometimes when laying down, sometimes sitting up. I haven't really noticed a pattern, but it just started happening in the last few days. Both DH and I have a history of asthma, so I'm worried that our DS will have it too. DH likes to give him a bottle while he's laying flat on his back on the couch and sometimes we give him a bottle when he's laying in bed. We've been doing that since he was born, but I'm wondering if maybe we should cut that out.

DS does not seem uncomfortable/unhappy in any way. No cough, no turning blue. He's his normal, happy self.

We have a DR appt in a week. Do you think we're good to wait until then to ask or does this sound like a more pressing issue?

Re: Gasping Noises

  • My daughter does the same thing. My husband and I were starting to freak out because it was sounding like she couldn't catch her breath and we were also worried it was a sign of asthma. We had her 9 month appointment on June 15th and asked our Doctor about it. We had a video of it to show her and she said it's just something new she has found to do and will eventually stop. She said with us reacting to it, she will do it even more. The doctor also said she didn't have any other signs, we should not be concerned. We've been ignoring it now, she still does it but not nearly as much as before. I would still ask your doctor just in case but if it's anything like what my daughter is doing, I wouldn't worry about it.
  • You're probably okay to wait until your appointment.  DS2 has RAD which is basically asthma for babies.  It's pretty rare to get an actual "asthma" diagnosis since so many kids grow out of it.  Most kids will end up with RAD and then asthma when they are older if they are still affected.  He has a home nebulizer that we do treatments with.  His is triggered by allergies and sickness.  

    In the meantime if you are worried, I've gone in a few times for his breathing before we were given his diagnosis  so I've had a few discussions about what to watch for.  If LO is wheezing bring him or her in the cold (if it's winter then the garage is a great place to go) or run the shower on hot and sit in the steamy bathroom.  That will frequently calm and allow for easier breathing. Turn baby over on his tummy and look to see if the skin is pulling on his ribs.  The retractions would be pulling his rib cage inward rather than a normal expanding motion.  These are signs that baby is have difficulty breathing and I would definitely bring him in.  You don't need to panic unless LO seems very sedentary.  My pedi told me when things get really serious that he will be essentially using all of his energy to breath so he won't be able to move around or talk.  DS never got to that point. 

    The problem with something like this is that it isn't like there is a test that can help your pediatrician know what's going on.  LO pretty much has to be having an attack for them to listen and see.  Discuss your worries so they can make a note of it and know to look for it going forward.  They can also discuss in what instances they would like you to bring him in.  DH has terrible asthma as well so we have had to be very proactive.  Fortunately, my oldest seems to be in the clear but our little guy wasn't as lucky.  
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  • Mine started doing this about a month ago. It appears it's just a new noise he figured out he could make.. He got bored of it after a couple of weeks and doesn't really do it anymore.
  • Mine started doing this yesterday! I made an appointment with the doctor today, and also brought a video to show the doctor. I told him it sounded like she was wheezing and raspy.

    She is healthy. The doctor said at this age they try new sounds with their voices. So it's likely normal :)  
  • My LO just recently spent a night in the hospital because she aspirated food and had to have a bronchoscopy. While she was eating she had some food go down the wrong pipe and afterwards was wheezing. It wasn't all the time, it was only once every five minutes or so. Otherwise she seemed perfectly healthy. At the hospital her oxygen was 98-100 the whole time, but when her chest X-ray came back it showed signs of aspiration.
  • Maybe try giving him a bottle upright to see if that makes a difference. I personally would bring him on and bring in a video because I'd be nervous about aspiration especially because it can turn into pneumonia. My lo makes a funny sniffing noise, but I can see her scrunching her nostrils together and then she laughs after
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