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Mia or Lena

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Hi, ladies!

It's been a hot minute since I've been active on this site, but I need some outside advice on baby #3's name.  I have a son (J) and a daughter (E).   We have narrowed it down to Mia or Lena for baby girl's name.
I'm partial to Lena because (and this is a stretch), but my grandma's name is Marlene, and I like that Lena can kind of honor her. However, when I mentioned Lena to my MIL, she made a disgusted face. And, yes, I realize it's my kid, but my MIL is the kind of person who would tell my daughter she hates her name.  Mia is a name that my daughter has called the baby long before we even knew it was a girl.  The problem is that I had a cat growing up named Mia.  We would like the middle name to be either Kathleen or Ann (both significant family names).


Lena Kathleen, Lena Ann
Mia Kathleen, Mia Ann

**I will be editing later to take out full names.
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Re: Mia or Lena

  • I should add that we are pronouncing Lena "lee-nah"
    *BFP 11/3/07*J born 07/06/08*
    *BFP 10/15/11*CP 10/18/11*
    *BFP 2/1/12*EDD 10/14/12*natural M/C 2/24/12 7w*
    *BFP 5/2/12*E born 01/03/13 (her due date)
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    I personally prefer Lena, but I don't think there's a problem with either name, they're both nice. I don't think the cat association is a big deal. And I think Kathleen sounds better with both names.

    If all else fails, you could always wait to meet her and see which name fits better.
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  • I absolutely love the name Lena, so I am partial to that, and I think it is totally usable as a nod to your grandmother. The only con that I see is that it is a little matchy with Ellen. Not too bad though. Mia is lovely too but just seems incomplete to me for some reason. Would Maya be an option, to avoid the cat issue (side note: I don't really think it is an issue)? This is a tough call. I would really hope that your MIL would warm up to the name Lena, especially after your daughter comes a long. I agree with keeping both options open and maybe making a final decision once you meet her.

  • I prefer Mia with your sibset but you can't go wrong. I don't think the cat is an issue. MIL will have to get over it if you go with Lena. 
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  • Mia Kathleen 

  • Mia Kathleen and Lena Kathleen are both very pretty.

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  • I prefer Lena Kathleen. It's a little matchy with Ellen, but not too bad. Do you have a NN for you daughter?
  • Mia Kathleen!
  • Could you do something like Magdalena, Lena as a nickname? Just thinking a fuller name maybe would be more to your MIL's liking? 

    I like Kathleen for middle for either Lena or Mia, both pretty names! My concern with Lena Ann, if rush/yelled it might sound like Leanne. 
  • I like pp suggestion of Magdalena. Lena would be my choice.
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  • Both were on my list, so I love them both! I kind of dislike that Ellen and Lena are basically all the same letters, so I think Mia Kathleen is a better fit in your sibset. I think you would get over the cat thing pretty much immediately after seeing the name associated with your baby.

    Either one you choose, I vote Kathleen in the mn spot.
  • i like them both

  • Lena Kathleen is adorable.
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  • I have a Lena and I LOVE that we chose to give her that name. Everyone who comes in contact with her just loves her and her name. We don't know anyone personally who shares the name and after having her I feel like it is truly meant for a sweet hearted child. (She's the sweetest little thing you'll ever meet, and I have 3 other kids haha)
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  • They are both pretty names. I do automatically think of Lena Dunham though because she's the only Lena I know of. Personally I'm not a fan so it kind of ruins the name for me. 

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  • Mia Kathleen
  • I vote for Kathleen Ann because that's my given name.
  • I've never liked Mia (sorry!), but I think Lena Kathleen is lovely and not at all over used. Good luck choosing!
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