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  • I'll be taking some again this time, even if I have to feel like I'm sneaking them out.  The hospital charged my insurance an $850 nursery fee for DD both of the 2 days we were there.  My daughter roomed in the entire time, never spent an hour in the nursery...I'll gladly take home a few swaddle blankets for $1,700!

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  • Thanks, ladies! I'd be so lost without this board!  <3
  • I would be so lost without this board too!  I can't tell you how many things I just had to google (mainly what these mommy things are I am now planning on taking/borrowing/stealing from the hospital).  This is all so exciting!  I'm 13w4d today.  I can't WAITTTT to feel the baby move for the first time.
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    sweetyjenj MaryNog
  • zdmd_14 said:
    @heeb918 ;
    You had a 104 fever?!?  Did you start labor with a fever (from seasonal flu or something)? Or did you develop it during?
    eiyher way sounds like some serious mis-management.   So sorry for you!

    Ya it was nasty. Fever was from
    the infection I got from too many cervical checks. Mis-management is right!!! And it was John's Hopkins if you could believe that.....

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