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Nose picking

My LO seems have discovered her nose and just sticks her finger in it.  When I remove her finger she gets agitated and reacts.  Anyone have this issue and how did you break the habit.

Re: Nose picking

  • LO had only done this once accidentally thankfully but he has discovered his little boy parts at diaper changes so thats fun... 
  • AKOL0AKOL0 member
    My girl did this about a month back. She was just exploring her body. She did it for maybe a week and hasn't really done it since. I don't know if it was a faze or I broke her of it, but I would stop her every time she did it. She never cried when I would pull her finger out. Perhaps because I turned it into a joke by acting like I was going to make her pick it more. Good luck. Just remember they are more than likely going to start up again as they get older. 
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  • My kid does it too, I feel that it is normal at this age. When they get older that might be more problematic if they are doing it. 
  • Every kid picks their nose. Get used to it lol. When they're older you can correct them. Mine tries to pick MY nose so yeah...
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