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Doula Recommendations

Hi all! I'm due Jan 2017 and am planning on delivering at Swedish Ballard. I've been seeing an OB so far. Any of you have great doula recommendations? I'm considering a natural birth and want to learn more about the best methods for this. I've heard Bradley Method is great. I don't know much about this so any recommendations are appreciated! 
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Re: Doula Recommendations

  • JktriJktri member
    Congratulations! I'm a long time lurker, first time poster--couldn't help but respond given how well my experience matches your question. I just had my first child a few weeks ago at Swedish Ballard, same place I saw an OB. I delivered without pain medications and with the support of a doula! So here's my experience if it helps you.

    We hired our doula through the new Swedish doula program. I called the coordinator and after some conversation she recommended a few doulas for us to interview based on our hopes, personality, etc. We interviewed 3 doulas/doula teams. We hired one of the teams, Tiffany and Kathleen--they tagteam responsibilities (2 prenatal and 2 postnatal visits, the birth, being on call for questions).  The Swedish doula program offers doulas at various price points and with a variety of background experiences.

    My husband and I loved our experience with our team. Their support empowered us to get the unmedicated birth we hoped for. They have also helped us transition to life with baby and answer all our questions!

     We found that the whole Swedish birth team worked seamlessly and collaboratively. Our OB, labor nurse and doula all worked with us towards our goals which was an added benefit of using a doula from the Swedish program, but which also testifies to the holistic care we experienced at Ballard. I hope it's the same for you.

    I can't speak to Bradley Method, but in addition to the doula, we prepared for a natural birth using Hypnoborthing classes. We took a series of classes at Seattle Hypnobirthing in Wallingford. We didn't completely follow the philosophy, but the tools we learned were instrumental in coping during the birthing process.

    I'd be happy to share more if it's helpful to you.  Let me know.
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