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What does your LO eat?

What does LO eat at this age? And how much breast milk or formula? And how often?

Re: What does your LO eat?

  • momofsweetpsmomofsweetps member
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    Nurses every 3 hours during the day and eats anything we eat, except for honey.
  • ItsmeR30ItsmeR30 member
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    He eats everything we do as well. And formula - 5oz bottles about 4-5 times a day and a 9oz bottle at night. 
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  • 22-24 oz of formula a day, plus 3-4 oz of purées +/- a few tsp of oatmeal cereal mixed in and basic finger foods like puffs and rice risks and crackers. She also gets as much of what we are eating in itty bitty bites as she wants. On days she eats less solids, she takes in more formula
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  • Pretty much anything we eat he eats. I have a big boy so he probably gets an above average amount of formula with 4 8oz bottles during the day and 1 4oz bottle overnight.
  • Yiggle09Yiggle09 member
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    We do 4 6 oz bottles with 4 or 5 4 oz purees 3 of these have two tablespoons of multigrain cereal mixed in.and puffs yogis or creamies from happy baby. He'll also steal food during dinner he scoots right over. He's somehow in the 48th percentile for weight... our dr said if we can get him to below 24 oz formula we can start introducing milk which when we're done with this formula box I'll do for the next formula box since it's our last 
  • Bf every 2-3 hours plus a bit of what we're eating and about 3-4oz of puree and oatmeal. Seems to be a popular choice! 
  • yellow1daisyyellow1daisy member
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    Nurses about 3-4 times a day (maybe 9-12ish oz from that?) and gets 4 3oz bottles BM, bone broth, and/or tigernut milk (prebiotic-our pediatrician recommended adding more prebiotic foods to her diet).

    She gets 2-3 pureed(very lumpy just mashed with fork) meals about 3-4 oz each. And about 2 finger food meals where I let her eat as much as she wants (refill her tray when it's done until she's no longer eating--she eats quite a bit).

    For all that she's only 50th percentile for weight. Everyone is surprised at how much she can eat. 
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  • TabulaRasa25TabulaRasa25 member
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    Oh, geez...what doesn't he eat?  

    We're still breastfeeding, He only does a really solid feeding first thing in the morning and before bed, but I feed on demand throughout the day, though it's typically only mini-nursing sessions, because he's eating solids and purees pretty voraciously.  We nurse every three to four hours, usually closer to four.  He doesn't wake for a night feeding except on very rare occasion, and that's usually just comfort nursing b/c teething, not hunger. 

    In terms of exposing him to new foods, we've been doing fruit and veggie purees since he was about five months old. At first, a few tastes of fruit in the a.m. along with single grain cereal, and tasting some veggies at night.  I make most of his purees, not because I'm a hippie, but because it's fun to see him try different things that aren't necessarily easy to find pre-prepared. Inexpensive, too. Now he does fruit purees and whole milk yogurt for breakfast (after first nursing), pureed veggies at lunch, and one of each at dinner. He also gets to try whole finger foods when we eat. Grain puffs, I keep in the car for if we get caught out and about at meal time. 

    Today for breakfast we tried strips of toast for the first time, and strips of egg. 

    He's tried a laundry list of fruits and veggies, and the only thing he's ever rejected is green beans (in puree form), and plum when it happened to be pretty tart.  His go-tos are sweet potato, banana, apple, avocado, blueberries and peaches, and yogurt. He also seems to like toast.  He hasn't tried much meat yet, but has gnawed on little bits of steak when we've grilled. The only thing we are staying away from at this point of whole and minimally processed foods is honey. 

    My husband and I are both pretty adventurous eaters, so we're of the "Try it, you might like it" school of thought, and model that. Despite his appetite, he's still a long and lean boy...9 months and 17 lbs, which puts him in 6th percentile for weight.  We wondered if adding more whole foods to supplement his breastmilk would help him put on weight, and it has a bit...he used to be second percentile. He's totally healthy...just a lanky, slim kid.  
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    My chub has five or six 6-8oz bottles. I give him water sometimes in place of formula, only once a day though after lunch or if we're outside. He eats oraganic freeze dried fruit snacks with either fruit or a puree for breakfast. A puree or macaroni and cheese for lunch. A baked sweet potato or veggie puree for dinner, and some whole grain puffs. He's huge and always wants more. He's 31 1/4 inches and 25.8 lbs 
  • I'm breastfeeding, LO nurses 5-8 times in 24h. Food, she eats everything except honey, candy and salty junk (hot dogs, chips). We did BLW, and started table food at 6 months. She eats everything, even spicy chili or cajun blackened chicken. She hasn't eaten anything sold in the baby aisle. No purees, puffs, etc. 

    I have a home daycare, and our province has an 87 page manual outlining what I can/can't serve, so we eat very balanced meals. 3 meals have all 4 food groups, plus 2 snacks that have a fruit or veg plus another food group. Dark green or orange veg daily, fish/seafood twice a week... 
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