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3 or more deliveries

For those who have had three or more deliveries, did your delivery go faster the more babies you had? I know that all pregnancies are different and just wanted to see what others had experienced. 

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Re: 3 or more deliveries

  • My deliveries did not get faster. The first two were about the same and the 3rd was much longer. My mother's deliveries also stayed about the same. I know one of my sisters had a very long first labour followed by a 40 minutes 2nd labour but her 3rd and 4th were over 8 hours.

    I guess it just depends on the person and baby. My grandmother had over 13 babies, her hardest and longest labour was her 4th.

  • 1st - 6.5 hour induction
    2nd - 4 hour natural labor
    3rd - 10 hour induction
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  • Slightly shorter my son was 36 hours but 2 hours of pushing
    Daughter was 12 hours with help of drugs due to complications and 2 pushes. 
    Who knows how long she would of been without pitocin. I kept stopping.
  • DS1 7.5 hours last 30 minutes pushing
    DD 3.5 hours last 5 minutes pushing 
    DS2 10 hours last 2 minutes pushing

    my mom had three and each was 6.5 hours. 
  • what’s w the third baby?! lol - I’m on #3 and I’ve heard third babies are never easy lol. I had like a 30 hr labor then a 4 hour labor now I am dying to know what will happen this time ... 
  • #1: over 24 hour labor and 1.5 he pushing. 
    #2: 6 hours after pitocin was started. 
    #3: 4 hours 
    #4: 11 hours
    #5: 2 hours

    the pushing stage for my 2nd-5th were all very short despite them all being bigger than my first and all 8-9 lb. 
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