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One syllable middle name for Athena

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I love the name Athena and its meaning. DH actually likes it too (!!!) Now I need to find some possible middle names. Our last name begins with an R and is 3 syllables. And since Athena is 3 syllables I feel like a middle name that is only 1 would be preferable (thoughts on this? Do you agree?) Any ideas?
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Re: One syllable middle name for Athena

  • Athena Grace Athena Hope Athena Kay
  • cgss11cgss11
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    I love Athena.

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  • Athena Ann, Athena May 
  • Athena Mae was my first thought too.

    Athena Ruth
    Athena June
    Athena Brooke
    Athena Wren
    Athena Fern
    Athena Elle
    Athena Brynn 
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  • First thought was Athena Rose.
  • Athena Faith
    Athena Maeve
    Athena Belle
    Athena Brooke
    Athena Claire
    Athena Dawn
    Athena Fawn
    Athena Grace
    Athena Hope
    Athena Joy
    Athena Jane
    Athena June
    Athena Jade
    Athena Kay
    Athena Lynn
    Athena Opal (2 syllables, I know but kind of pretty)
    Athena Paige
    Athena Rose
    Athena Rae
    Athena Sue
    Athena Starr

  • (some of these are repeats, I know)

    Athena Jane
    Athena Pearl
    Athena Fern
    Athena Reed
    Athena Joy
  • Athena Joan
  • Athena Mae

  • kfraskfras
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    Rose or Grace 
  • Love Athena Rose
  • Athena Wren was my first thought. 
  • I like Rose or Grace as well
  • Athena Jane was my first inclination. I love Athena
  • Athena Joy was my first thought. 

    Also like Grace, Claire, Brooke, Rose
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  • Athena Grace came to mind first thing
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