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Clingy 9 month old

Hello! I am a single full time working mom with a 9 month old. He is in daycare 3 days a week and my parents watch him 2 days a week. He is fine when I drop him off and he's fine all day but from the moment i pick him up he cries unless I am holding him or he is in his in the car seat or stroller. I can put him down and let him crawl around as long as I'm in the same room, but as soon. As I get up to go to the kitchen even to get his food or bottle ready he starts screaming. This is just a phase right? Any suggestiona to get through it? He is getting his first 2 bottom teeth right now so I'm sure that doesn't help matters. I know this doesn't sound that bad as I type it but when I've had a 9 hour day plus 2 hours commuting, haven't eaten all day, and operating on 3-6 hours of sleep per night it is overwhelming. 

Re: Clingy 9 month old

  • It is a phase and I unfortunately don't have any pointers. I can't remember when my son started doing this. I was really confused because I was always able to plop him down and walk away, but then he suddenly wanted me to hold him. It was really surprising to me. He's 16 months now and has moments of wanting to be held, be around me or prefer me over his dad or family member. I wonder if they start to understand that you're gone and they miss you. As you said, the teething is NOT helping at all. The only thing I could think that might help is meal prepping ahead of time. Hang in there! 
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