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Anyone Wanting To Try for Baby #3?

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Anyone TTC for baby #3? Are you scared it could be twins? Are you worried of how crazy it will become with three kids? How far apart in age are/will your kids be? What pushed you to have a third baby? I ask all this because I myself have been discussing possibly trying for baby #3. But, I have quite the load with my two boys now. Plus, I work full time from home, which is tough while also being a full time mom. And quitting my job is not an option, financially speaking. I then worry if for some crazy reason I end up conceiving twins instead of just one. I'm worried that I could spread myself too thin if I go for a third baby. I'm just curious what was the "trigger" for leading you to say "let's go for the 3rd now"? Thanks!
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Re: Anyone Wanting To Try for Baby #3?

  • Hi! I can't say we have pulled the trigger to try for #3 but the discussion of it just became very real this week. I have been gung-ho for baby #3 since baby #2 arrived :) But in my mind, we will wait until #2 is atleast 2 years old, maybe even closer to school age. Right now, our boys are 1 and 4. I absolutely HATE that finances rule our life but for me, right now baby #3 is just way too out of reach financially. We have 2 in daycare and can barely afford that but I do not want to leave my job, I LOVE it! Good luck to you-hopefully someday we will go for #3! Would love a little lady!!!
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  • I just had my second and wish I could go for the third already. I know it's not a smart idea right now but darn I want it so bad lol.
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  • We have recently decided to go for number 3 early next year. I have two girls and if I get pregnant right away they will be 5.5 and 4 years apart. Life was crazy with my first two (18 mo apart) so I'm thinking and hoping this spacing  will be easier. My oldest will be in K full time and youngest in preschool a few hrs a week so I won't have all 3 home all day which will help I hope. 

    I was dead set against a third baby but my youngest is about to turn 3 and i was overcome with this need to have another baby and honestly it's all I think about! Thankfully my husband is on board. I've been a sahm since DD1 was born and the plan was to go back to work when dd2 is in K But now I will be home a few more years. My H isn't thrilled about that but he has a good job so we will manage. Finances will be tight but we should be fine. 
    DD1: 2/28/12
    DD2: 9/12/13
    Baby #3: Due January 2018

  • Wishing you all the luck with baby #3! I def think three kids is a great solid number.
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  • We just had our 5th and we're getting ready to start trying for number 6!! 3 is a piece of cake ;).  Go for it! :) 
  • OMGoodness! What a big family! God bless you and all your babies. We are most definitely set on trying for the third. Just not until Fall of next year....our second just turned two and he a total handful right now! Enjoy your babies!
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  • Up until about 2 weeks ago I was 2 and through... but then all of sudden out of nowhere the urge for #3 comes along!  We're discussing it now... I want to make sure that I'm not just sad that our baby days are over but that we want another person in our family.  DD is almost 5 and DS is 2.5... I think we would hope to be pregnant by the end of the year. 

    I just started a new teaching job (It's part time which is totally rare in my area) that I love but I stayed home with the other two so I don't know if I would want to put my career on hold or try the working mom thing.  I think I would probably feel guilty if I didn't stay home and we can swing it financially but it would mean walking away from a job that's really perfect for me.

    So yeah... I know how you feel!!
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  • DS is 11 (almost 12) and  DD is 10 (going on 15, lol.) They are 13.5 months apart, and from the time DD was born, we both knew we'd only have 2.  Here I am, at 38 years old, yearning for #2. We are currently benched, due to a couple of health issues DH has, but the clock is ticking. I've never had baby fever like this, and DH has it bad, too!

    I had my Mirena removed last month, before DH's doc told him to hold off for a few months, so when AF showed up today (we tried in earnest this last cycle) I cried, even though I know now is not the time. That said, I've read a lot of stories about multiples right after having a hormonal IUD removed, due to several eggs being released, so it's certainly been a discussion. (A good friend of mine always planned on 3. Number 3 was twin boys. ❤❤)
  • Honestly, one kid, and 2 kids is WAY harder than 3+ children!
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