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Spouse Separation Anxiety While Pregnant

Hello Ladies!

So throughout my pregnancy, I have been fairly happy and calm. I am coming up on my 19 week mark and will find out the sex of LO very soon! Monday morning, my SO left on a business trip (which I am used to). He has not gone on travel since my second tri, and what makes it worse is the poor guy had to fly both to CA and Dallas in the same week. I noticed Monday the moment my head hit the pillow, I felt severe anxiety. Three days later, I have not had any REM sleep. Last night I cried like a complete baby because I was alone and I was worried if he was okay as he was in mid flight so I could not text him to make sure. Today, my eyes are swollen, OB ordered that I not return to work until Monday. I have a history of hyperthyroidism but I usually know when my thyroid is out of whack and only a small portion of the symptoms (anxiety) are there. OB says if thyroid is normal she would like to start me on anxiety medication. I have never been on anxiety or anti-depressant medications a day in my life, so I am really hoping that what I am experiencing is separation anxiety. I was perfectly fine Sunday night, it all started the day SO left. Not only is it hard for me to be without him, but I am also worrying about his well being while he is away.

My question is this: did anyone else suffer from separation anxiety? Not just from SO but from parents or close family/friends? If so how did you cope naturally? I think it's an interesting topic that is not discussed often, as women are usually shameful to admit to your DR. or to others that you may have an anxiety disorder, making it one of the most common disorders that goes untreated during pregnancy.

Re: Spouse Separation Anxiety While Pregnant

  • Since getting pregnant I am needy AF. I just blame the hormones. 

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  • I've experienced this a few times but not to the degree you're describing. Then again, neither my H nor I have traveled so it's more just like a longing/missing him when we aren't together. I would continue to monitor it and communicate with your doc. Can they test your thyroid to make sure nothing is off there? 

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  • No, my husband was gone most of my 1st pregnancy for work (months at a time and I wasn't able to contact him as he was in a remote location with only a sat phone once a week) and this time he will get going away for a few weeks and I enjoy the time.

    My anxiety started after the baby was born and he would have to drive a far distance or travel, I was worried something would happen and our kids wouldn't have a dad.

    I would talk to your dr just so they know how you are feeling.

  • Thanks everyone! turns out my thyroid was fine, labs are normal, and my anxiety went away the day my SO returned home. It was the most bizarre experience! My doctor considered putting me on zoloft, but since I have been feeling fine I told her it was not needed. 
  • Hormones are crazy! 

    Me: 32 & DH: 37
    Married: November 2014
    TTC #1 Since: October 2015
    BFP #1: 11/18/15 - CP
    BFP #2: 2/8/16 - EDD 10/20/16
    IT'S A BOY!!!!
    DS Born 10/16/16

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