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Making friends with other Moms

I was wondering if anyone has advise or ideas about making new friends with babies the same age as your LO. I'm new to the town I not live in and work for myself. I have joined a few mom and baby groups but so far no one that I've met seems inclined to make friends. Any advise or stories would help. My LO is 11 months old.

Re: Making friends with other Moms

  • meq124meq124 member
    I found it's hard but the best way is to search out activities. We were relatively new to the area and then the only one of our friends that had a baby, so I was forced to search out new friends for my LO. Look at meetup.com for groups in your area. I also signed my LO up for swim and met some moms there. Also, I would suggest going to playgrounds. You are bound to come across other babies around your baby's age. I am not super extroverted, but have found you just need to go up and start chatting with them. There are a lot of places that also do a "first class free" type thing, like music classes and gymboree type places. I just found the more you get out of the house and into the groups the more they will open up. It does take awhile to get welcomed into the groups and invited to playgroups and whatnot. 

    You also could luck out and have some moms on here in your area. Just a thought :)
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  • n3na94n3na94 member
    Gymboree sounds good! I took a free class and sometimes is a good way to meet! I also don't have any mamas friends with babies my son's age, and the one mama I did have as a friend went back to work, but Gymboree or baby gyms I think opens you up to meet more moms. You could also try taking mommy and me swim classes, I'm going to check a class out soon and perhaps there's moms there who are more inclined to make new friends! Keep us updated mama! :smile:
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  • Mommy and me activites or the store in the kids aisles haha I'm not even joking! I have talked story with so many moms at the store and you can create play dates and stuff :) I would say community places are the best. Or if you have a lot of family you can meet other moms through parties and functions 
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