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NBR: Menstrual cup?

Has anyone tried this? I'm sick of tampons and pads. Especially during the summer. It's been ~110 degrees this week and I've never felt more disgusting. I've also been spending like $15 a month on tampons and pads and I'm sick of it!

Re: NBR: Menstrual cup?

  • I LOVE MY MENSTRUAL CUP!!!!!!!!!!!! I used one before I got pregnant and loved it. Now I have the nexplanon and no periods so I don't have to use one currently but I think it might be one of the best things since sliced bread. You do have to be very comfortable with touching yourself to get it in and out, but if your cool with that you should be golden. 
  • I'm not too worried about getting it in and out. I have a super heavy flow for about 2 days during my period and then after that it's super light. During my heavy days how will I know if the cup is full? And does it ever leak? 
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  • I have a lunette, and I love it!! There is a learning curve, but once you get used to it, you totally forget it's there. Brilliant. I still used a panty liner in case of leaks, but didn't have much issue there. I tried cloth liners, but they were bulky so I only use them at home. I'm considering thinx period panties to go with the cup-when my period returns... still no sign of it (BFing) really hope I haven't jinxed myself!
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  • I have a Lunette and I love it. I used to have periods that lasted 7-10 days and after I started using my cup, they went to 4-6 days. Huge change for me as I've never ever ever had a period that short.  I just emptied it every time I peed. Sometimes it needed it, sometimes not.
  • I have one and have used it and really like it except that I find even after using it for several months I still am unable to get it in place (the problem is no matter what fold I use to put it in it won't pop open!) without trying for 10+ minutes. Half the time I give up and resort back to tampons. Maybe it's just the cup I have, I don't know. If I didn't have that problem I would use them exclusively though.
  • I love soft cup buy since having lo I can't keep it in behind the public symphisis I use gloves from work to put in and take out. Love it
  • @Yiggle09 what did you say lol??
  • @Growingapepper omg auto correct. I used to use the brand soft cup before baby. After baby I can't get it to hook above the pubic symphisis the bone in there so I leak all day. I hate going in there with my hands so I use gloves to put it in and take it out
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