Pregnant after IF

How many IUIs for success?

I'm wondering if anyone got pregnant with a 2nd or 3rd IUI or if it makes more sense to move to IVF. I know everyone is different, but just curious!

Re: How many IUIs for success?

  • Hi @runfast, I wasn't succesful and after 5 (after 3 they found out I had PCOS so needed hormones to get preggers, sp tried 2 more with hormones) I swithced to IVF and wished I've done that before.

    Yet my friend got pregnant after her second try, she also has PCOS.

    So I would say go with your gut, your heart and mind may wonder off, but your gut is useually right. :smile:
    GL on your journey!


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  • I also didn't have any success with them. I tried 3 IUIs with injections before moving on to IVF. Also wish I did IVF sooner because I also have PCOS and my current doctor said I'd most likely never have success with IUIs. I guess it all depends on your diagnosis and what your doctor recommends. Success rates for IVF are much higher, but they are not impossible with IUIs. Good luck with whatever you decide! 
    ***History & TW in Spoiler***

    ***bfp & child warning***
    TTC - since 2014
    7 rounds of Clomid - BFN
    IUI #1 - October 2015 - BFN
    IUI #2 - November 2015 - BFN
    IUI #3 - December 2015 - BFN
    IVF #1 - March 2016
    Retrieval #1 - April 2016
    FET #1 - May 2016 - BFP!!! DS - Born January 2017
    Trying for baby #2...
    FET #2 - January 2018 - BFN  
    No more embryos left; switched to a new RE
    IVF/Retrieval #2 - January 2019
    IVF/Retrieval #3 - March 2019
    FET #3 - April 2019 - BFP!!! - DD: Born December 2019
    Trying for baby #3...
    FET #4 - October 2021 - BFP!!! - Due June 2022

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  • riveridgionalriveridgional member
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    I had unexplained infertility. We didn't do IUIs thanks to my husband's super sperm (it wouldn't increase our chances of success above the standard deviation of TI v IUI), but I did 3 rounds of Clomid (2 unmonitored with my OB). From my first monitored round of Clomid (after a break from the other 2), we determined I didn't respond any better than my natural response (we monitored one natural round and did a trigger shot), and Clomid thinned my lining.

    So, I did 3 rounds of injectables, and I got pregnant on my last round. I really thought my last round had no chance of working and that I must have had an issue that only IVF could surpass. I was glad to be proven wrong. The third round was definitely going to be my last before we took a 3 month break and started the IVF process.

    I say go with your gut, but also look at your finances and any insurance coverage (I was completely OOP). I definitely wouldn't do over 3 IUIs with the same medication regime as the chances of success go down after that. But, unless you have IVF coverage for insurance or you don't have to worry about money, I'd try at least one more round of IUI.

    Of course, I don't know what your diagnosis is, the current medication regime and potential for others in the future, or your chance of success for an IUI by your doctor (on injects, mine was 20% with TI and 22% with IUI; chances with Clomid are much lower. I want to say my RE told me the highest it would be would be 10% [or 8?] but due to my response that round, I had less than a 2% chance). I think you should sit down with your RE, discuss statistics, and go from there. In that discussion, remember that a perfectly fertile couple has a 20% chance of conceiving on any given cycle. 
    Married to DH 10/6/12
    TTC since 5/14
    Unexplained with (controlled) hypothyroidism and suspected ovulatory dysfunction (but, I do ovulate on my own)
    Clomid 50 mg 3/15 (unmonitored) - BFN
    Clomid 50 mg + metformin 4/15 (unmonitored) - BFN 
    First RE appt. 5/15; Natural cycle 5/15 monitored with 2 mature follicles and Pregnyl Trigger (full dose) + prometrium - BFN
    6/15 HSG - clear tubes & normal uterus; great PCT test results
    TI - 100 mg Clomid + prometrium (AM & PM) + vaginal estrace (AM & PM) 6-7/15 (monitored) --> no additional response and thinned lining - BFN
    TI - Injectables (follistim + Gonal-F, Ganirelix, & 1/2 dose Pregnyl) + prometrium (AM & PM) 9/15 --> 3-7 mature follicles (3 definites and 4+ that could have matured due to trigger) @ O -->BFN + 5 large cysts
    BC for 2 weeks due to cysts
    TI - Injectables (Gonal-F, Ganirelix & full dose Pregnyl) + prometrium (AM & PM) 10/15 --> 1 mature follicle --> BFN 
    TI - Last attempt at injectables (Gonal-F, Ganirelix & 1/2 dose Pregnyl) + crinone (AM only) + vaginal estrace (AM & PM) 11/15 --> 3-4 mature follicles --> BFP!! 11/27/15 @ 13dpo (shockingly, actually waited until then to test)

    Beta #1 @ 16dpo (11/30/15) = 1,075
    Beta #2 @ 19dpo (12/3/15) = 3,150
    One baby: Saw heartbeat @ 5w5d (114 bpm; baby measuring 2.3mm)

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  • ZoeFerZoeFer member
    I have PCOS. After two rounds of Letrozle+TI, we did one IUI with Letrozole and it was BFN. Then due to some insurance problems, we had to give a break and we tried Letrozole+TI few more times. My last cycle, I was completely hopeless, waiting for my next IUI cycle and trying to find ways to finance IVF OOP and I got BFP for the first time. As others said, I think it highly depends on your diagnosis, your insurance coverage etc. For us, I think IUI did not increase our chances compared to TI. And I knew I wanted to try more before moving to IVF, I was not completely ready to go that route yet. 
  • Apparently I am success story that is unheard of. I have unexplained infertility. I got pregnant on my 6th IUI cycle. All using clomid. On my last cycle I took it days 4-8, instead of 5-9. I have no idea if that did the trick or not.
    Me: 31 / DH: 32
    Married 10/14/2011
    TTC since 11/2011
    DX: unexplained infertility

    1st IUI 12/23/15 Clomid + Ovidrel - Beta 1/8/16 BFN
    2nd IUI 1/22/16 Clomid + Ovidrel - Beta 2/8/16 BFN
    3rd IUI 2/27/16 Clomid + Ovidrel - Beta 3/15/16 BFN
    4th IUI 3/27/16 Clomid + Ovidrel - Beta 4/11/16 BFN
    5th IUI 4/26/16 Clomid + Ovidrel - Beta 5/11/16 BFN
    6th and final IUI 5/27/16 Clomid + Ovidrel - BFP!!!
    1st Beta on 6/8/16 @ 12piui: 22; 2nd Beta 6/10/16 84.4; 3rd Beta 6/13/16 300; 4th Beta 6/16/16 1168; 5th and final beta 6/20/16 4188
    1st U/S 6/23/16 - Two babies! One measuring 6w1d with a visible heartbeat!!! The other is measuring small and isn't likely to make it
    2nd U/S 7/5/16 - Baby #2 didn't make it :cry: Baby #1 is measuring right on schedule and has a FHR of 143!!
    3rd US 7/15/16 - Baby #1 right on schedule! FHR 168!!! Discharged from RE!!!!

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  • I had 6 iuis 3 on clomid and 3 on injections and was successful with first ivf pregnant now with twins. 
  • I have unexplained infertility and my husband had super sperm. I did 6 iuis no luck. One ended in an ectopic. So I kind of got pregnant. Got pregnant with my first IVF--fresh transfer. 
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    TW: Loss mentioned 

    I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility so my RE wanted to go the IUI route. My first IUI was not successful. I got pregnant on my 2nd and 3rd IUIs, but I ended up miscarrying both times. No success on 4 or 5. My insurance was only going to cover one more. I got pregnant from my 6th IUI, and I'm now 16 weeks pregnant. BTW, I did letrozole, injectibles, and trigger. Best of luck to you!
  • Hello ! *warning - loss mentioned ** I actually got pregnant on my 3rd medicated cycle which was an IUI (previous two cycles were timied intercourse with meds ) . Unfortunately that pregnancy was a chemical pregnancy . I did another IUI after that that didn't work out so we made the jump to IVF . I don't regret trying IUIs first at all . I'm glad I did . I know some people look back and wish they hadn't wasted time but I would have always wondered if a cheaper option would have worked out for me . We just couldn't justify spending more money on more cycles with a success rate lower than IVF so we made the jump . Everyone situation is different of course so you will make the decision that is right for you . I wish you the best of luck !!! 

    **BFP and loss warning**

    Me: 29
    DH: 29
    Us: Married Valentine's Day, 2015
    DH: No issues.
    Me: PCOS, unexplained infertility (whatever that means!!)
    June 2015 Medicated TI cycle: BFN
    July 2015:  Medicated TI cycle: BFN
    August 2015: IUI: BFP. Chemical pregnancy :(
    October 2015: IUI: BFN
    January 2016: Egg retrieval: 10 frozen embryos!
    March 2016: FET Cycle- 2 embryos transferred!: BFP !
  • lurking here/losses mentioned

    I got pregnant on IUI #3 that unfortunately ended in a loss at 11 weeks.  I had a CP with IUI #5.  Currently in the TWW from IUI #6.  I've done the same meds each time.  I respond well to Clomid, and my RE said the studies that show decrease in chances of success after 3 IUIs generally uses different meds in the later IUIs, so it's not actually indicative of your odds if you are responding well & keep going with the same meds.  (Haven't reviewed all this myself, just what I was told.)  
    About me:
    /loss mentioned/
    TTC#1 July 2014
    dx: MFI (morphology)
    IUI #1 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Sept. 2015 ~ BFN
    IUI #2 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Halloween 2015 ~ BFN
    IUI #3 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Thanksgiving 2015 ~ BFP!!
    hb 146 bpm at 7w5d
    1/28/16 ~ began to say goodbye to our beautiful baby at 11w 
    d&c, followed by cytotec
    TTCAL April 2016
    IUI #4 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Apr. 2016 ~ BFN
    IUI #5 w/Clomid + Ovidrel ~ CP
    IUI#6 w/Clomid + Ovidrel ~ BFN
  • I actually got pregnant with my first IUI. Did femara and trigger shot with it.
  • I had hypothalamic ammenorhea from running so I did 3 IUIs with injectables right off the bat....all unsuccessful. Did 1 round of IVF with fresh transfer and got pregnant on the first try. I wish we could have just started with this since it was the same protocol anyway, just a higher dose! Good luck!!
  • 2 IUIs no success. I am now 7 weeks pregnant after my first round of IVF.
    Me: 29 DH: 28
    Together since 2008, married Sept 2013
    ttc #1 since July 2014
    DX: unexplained infertility
    Sept, Oct, Nov Clomid 50 mg: BFN
    Feb 2016 IUI w/ 50mg Clomid, Ovidrel, Prometrium: BFN
    March 2016 IUI w/ 50mg Clomid, Ovidrel, Prometrium: BFN
    June 2016 IVF: BFP 6/28!!! beta #1: 358, beta #2: 1428, beta #3: 3742

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  • With my daughter we got pregnant with our first IUI, this time we got pregnant with our second IUI.
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    Diagnosed with PCOS March '10 - Started 1000mg of Metformin
    After 3 unsuccessful Clomid cycles, FSH+Ovidril+IUI+Progesterone=BFP!
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    Time to make Emilie a big sister!

    May '16 2.0: Letrozole+FSH+Menopur+Ovidril+IUI+Progesterone=BFP! first beta-45.44, second beta-148

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  • LynnNJLynnNJ member
    I have friends that had success with their  first  iui.  They were in their  30s at the time.

      I wasn't expecting success with  3 that I did because of my age (41 at the  time)  and the  fact that my eggs supply/quality was borderline (according to a test  I took.) There  was   only a 1% chance of success. I really did  the  IUIs to meet insurance requirements before moving on to ivf,  which  I was told the  only way  I would likely get pregnant.  So it really depends on your  age and your physical situation. I did  PGD testing with the embryos and got pregnant after the  first transfer at 42 years old.  So it might not hurt to do another iui or 2. Depending on your age and egg quality,  that might determine  whether you get pregnant  and whether you  have a successful pregnancy.

      However ivf can  be  a long  process  as well, depending on if you do  a fresh transfer or frozen.  If you  doctor determines  that  the  chance of success is low with an iui,  you might want to move to ivf. 
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