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Has anyone else had a poor self image while pregnant?

Since I have gotten pregnant (I am 27 weeks now) I have an increasingly low self esteem about gaining weight and the changes my body is going through.. my OB told me at my last appointment, when I was 6 months, that the weight I have gained is too excessive and it needs to slow down.. I have only gained 17 pounds in my pregnancy so far so I don't see why that is alot of weight.. I weighed 135 pre pregnancy and am 5' 7" so to me that seems like a steady, but fair weight gain... ever since she made that remark all I can focus on is my weight and image... am I being unreasonable in my thinking? I have had a very normal and healthy pregnancy thus far

Re: Has anyone else had a poor self image while pregnant?

  • Surprisingly...I feel more skinny now than I did before I was pregnant. (I even feel more comfortable now walking around naked at home...haha). I know it seems weird. But I think it's just the natural being pregnant feeling. My stomach being more firm (because of the belly) than when I had some rolls before pregnancy. Haha. Although, one insecurity is that my face is a little chubbier than before. I'm 5'3, started at 155, and I am at 180 now. So, 25 pounds. (I'm at 31w4d) Definitely gained a lot and still more to gain, but I still feel more secure than before. My doctor hasn't said anything negative about my gain, so maybe that helps. I am sure I would be unhappy too if my doctor said anything about my weight.
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  • I had a doctor tell me the same thing with my second pregnancy and it most definitely made me feel overly worried about how much I was gaining. The practice I went to with that pregnancy had multiple doctors so I just stopped seeing her. I don't think your weight gain is that much but as you get farther along the pounds can add up quick, so maybe she's worried about that. But I would just try and forget about it, enjoy being pregnant and as long as your not eating unhealthy crap all the time you'll be fine. Is this your first baby? I know I gained the most with my first and then with each baby I've gained less. Stay positive and don't let this put you in a funk, this is a magical time and it'll only happen so many times. 
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  • I'm 2 months PP and still have it.  Gaining pregnancy weight is hard, and it's very hard to then lose it once you have your baby.  Just remember how worth it it will be when you are holding ur LO in ur arms
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