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prevacid for 6 week old

Hi Ladies......I have a 6 week old boy who has visible silent reflux and also mspi......the pediatrican gave pepcid and he is on neocate formula just like my 4 year old daughter was, but she didn't have this horrible refulux.    We took him to a pediatric gastroenterologist and she just increased the pepcid, which by the way is not helping at all.   I am going back Tuesday for a recheck and want to ask for prevacid.....This baby is in pain and cannot lay down since it gets worse and we are sleeping in shifts with us holding him on our chests......The reflux can be heard gurgling in his throat and he screams in pain......Do any of you moms have any knowledge or experience with prevacid.....Thank for any and all replies

Re: prevacid for 6 week old

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    My daughter (who is 5) took it for over 3 years.  It was a game changer for us.  She started sleeping 12 hours after being on it for a week at 9 months.  It helped a ton.  Our copay for it was high ($50 per month) but worth every penny.  
  • I take that for myself and love it. Sorry to hear your LO is so miserable :( Hope you find him relief soon!
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  • My daughter has reflux and was taking Prilosec and that helped her a lot. She also sleeps on an incline (rock and play). Also thickening his bottles will help. I use a product called gelmix. It's organic and can be bought online. It's kind of pricey but definitely helps. 1 jar of the stuff shipped costs $40 and typically lasts 2-3 weeks depending on how thick you need to make the bottles. It can be used with breastmilk as well. My daughters speech therapist recommended it. I no longer use the Prilosec but I still thicken her bottles with gelmix; she's 4 months old. Sorry I don't have any experience with the Prevacid but thought I'd chime in on other ways to help with reflux. Good luck and it doesn't last forever
  • We were given Zantac. It makes his poop mucusy and a weird green colour. I feel like it made things worse in the pain and spit up department.
  • I have no experience with this other than I used to work for a chiropractor and we would see babies all the time for reflux.  It worked wonders!!  They do not get adjusted the same way adults do....May be worth looking into to see if it helps if you are trying to do something non medicated.
  • I'm not sure if you are still checking this thread or not... I worked in a compounding pharmacy for a while, and I'm not sure how common they are where you live, but it might be worth price shopping if you find that the Prevacid works for you. If you have a high copay, an independent pharmacy might could make it cheaper and you just pay cash for it (not involving insurance). Sometimes it's worth it to ask! 

    Good luck! 
  • Our little one is 8 weeks old with silent acid reflux and we just started prevacid.  I am crossing my fingers! For what it's worth, my doctor recommended starting with prevacid.  
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