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How are all you pregos doing?!

Howd it go telling everyone?  How'd you do it?  Do you know the sex yet?? How's your pregnancy this time compared to your last?  So curious about you ladies!!

Re: How are all you pregos doing?!

  • @ellemf728 I always enjoy your posts and you really seem to have this mom stuff down so I'm sure you will do so great! Have you told the world yet or are you waiting for your tests to tell?  SO EXCITING!

    I'm living vicariously thru all the pregnant ladies here at work and getting so jealous. Funny how I only remember the good stuff from pregnancy and delivery. 
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  • Thanks! I still feel like Sept is definitely my home board.  My new board isn't really the same so I'm not very active :(  We told everyone about a week ago.  I've started to "show" really quickly this time probably because my abdominal muscles are still a bit weak from last time and can't hold in the bloat lol.  

    I'm shocked by how quickly everything is passing but its been a whirlwind around year.  We have torn up our backyard and are completely re-doing it from scratch.  Trying to get it done in time for DS2's birthday is interesting. 

    I'm really looking forward to next week though since I will get to see LO on Tues and Wed (my normal OB appointment). DH will be in Vegas so it will make the time alone pass quicker.  He was sweet enough to take an extra day off work so I could have a mini vacation as well before he goes back to work.  

  • So happy everyone is doing great! I'm due with daughter #2 November 17! I was nervous at first and not I'm just excited, we only want 2 so we will be done after this! 2 girls, our house will be busy with princess dresses and tea parties! Having a hard time coming up with a name...I'm in love with our first daughters name, Rowan Olivia and want to feel the same about #2! I'm feeling good, and honestly forget 95% of the time I'm Prego again because  I'm so busy with my 9 month old. Currently planning her 1st birthday party! Definitely showing earlier this time and I love it!  I'm 19 weeks today and I'm sure the second half of the pregnancy will fly by!
  • Congratulations!! @ElleMF728
  • Yay @ellemf728!! Good work!!

    congrats @maddenmama15 @rebekahrathe and @lap018!! Cannot wait to hear how everyone progresses! 

    Good luck mamas!!
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