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Can't pee

I'm 29 weeks pregnant. I just experienced not being able to pee. I was laying in bed and I felt like I had to pee but didn't go for a bit and then I randomly felt like my bladder was gonna burst it was so full. I get to the bathroom and nothing comes out. It hurt so bad, then when it finally did come out there was a lot and it was really slow. Is this normal? I'm kind of worried. 

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  • I would call your dr. 

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  • Call the doctor, might be a UTI.

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  • Try lifting the baby and your belly up and off your bladder and rocking the pelvis slightly forward and backward while peeing. I do this every time I pee so i can completely empty my bladder. I'm 28weeks. If I don't do it not much will come out at a time because I'm carrying so low. This might help you get more out. And yes call your doctor! 
  • At 31w4d now, I haven't had to pee without ANYTHING coming out, but there have been many times I feel like I have to pee so bad that I will BURST but only a very small amount comes out. I chalk it up to just there being so much pressure on my bladder that it makes it seem like I have to pee more than I really do. But you should call your doc!
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  • Definitely call the doc.  Sounds like the baby might be laying funny on your bladder, but you should never not be able to pee.
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