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WTF Wednesday

It's been a while! Let's air out our grievances.

Re: WTF Wednesday

  • Wft to the dog that spent all night whining and sitting on my head like it was storming (it wasn't) I like sleeping since Roo has started sleeping through the night
  • Wtf weather? I have a wedding to go to this Saturday. Its an outside ceremony and the high is forecasted at 102.....with a 50% chance of rain. So its going to be stupid hot and humid. Ew.
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  • Wtf to my mom. She has this weird thing she says: "Since I gave birth to you, and all of a woman's eggs are present in utero, I carried the egg that made your baby. So it's not only your baby, he's OUR baby. I carried him, too, many years ago. And I'm the most important grandparent."

    Already, though biologically correct, this is creepy and socially odd to say. Then whenever I text her anything about him she says "Oh MY Mason" (no mom, MY Mason). 

    And if I tell her something seemingly neutral, she DEFENDS the baby as if I was attacking my own son. I told her what height percentile he was in, and she was like "that's ok, he was born very early. He's perfect Michelle, leave him alone." 

    Uhhh... I was just relaying the info the doctor told me. I didn't say he isn't perfect?
  • Wtf to the people who watched our cat. He could find the litter scooper that was right where we showed him, so he changed out the litter everyday, ran out, bought new litter that was completely different ( it was clay and we've always used natural litters and are currently using walnut). This resulted in a very scared kitty who pooped and peed outside the litter box. We came home from a 10.5 car ride with a screaming 11week old to a kitty hiding on top of the fridge. The first thing she did was pee in the nursery. Then while my husband was out buying new litter after driving 10+ hours she started to poop in a different corner of the nursery. I saw her doing it and told her no and she ran pooping from the room. So I started to clean out her litter box, and she was so upset she started vomiting in the living room. She got startled and vomited from the living groom and the spewing vomit down the hall and into the baby's room. I had to clean the carpet and the entire bathroom and the litter box, after traveling with a tiny baby who hates his car seat, all because this guy didn't text or call. Oh and he spilled litter everywhere while changing out the litter box everyday so we had to vacuum the whole apartment too.
  • So many wtfs...
    Its been over 115 for like 4 days. There's an excessive heat warning. My toddler is stir crazy.

    i have mastistis. That in itself sucks, but a fever when it's 117 outside is straight up torture.

    DH is having a gout flare up, so even though, I'm sick as a dog, I'm the only one who's mobile so no help from him. 

    I'm usually not a downer, but this week sucks big time.
  • WTF to the Consular Services for Canadians in Luxembourg. Twice I've asked for an appointment in Luxembourg and twice they've booked the appointment in Brussels. Absolutely fed up waiting for someone to 'endeavour to answer mail in ten days' so we drove two hours to Brussels to get this passport shit sorted for LO. Then they proceed to reject the passport photos taken because of the lighting. I took those damn photos from a place that was on your recommended list of photographers. Seriously WTF. 

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  • Wtf DH for saying that if I have time to go to stroller strides I should have time to keep a clean house. Uh no I can do stroller strides with LO happily sleeping in the stroller but I can't always do house work with a baby crying or wearing him all the time. I literally cant do anything sometimes because he FINALLY went to sleep-on me. If I had time I would eat and use the restroom before cleaning...
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    Wtf mastitis. Really? Second time in a month?! This is killing my supply. And obviously painful. Nevermind I have had to begin supplementing with formula. Luckily it is slowing healing and I finally STTN without waking up from fever. 
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